8. Justin Figueroa – “Stay Gold”

Looking back I wouldn’t have figured I’d be at the point where seeing a longhaired kid in tight jeans pilot a straight-up frontside boardslide down a rail would be refreshing, nor would I have picked Justin Figueroa to record one of the more rewatchable sections in the long-awaited Emerica vid, but here we are. Many of the thumbs-up to this dude’s section focused on the central line through the apartments, and I was on board there too, but the more times I rewatched “Stay Gold” the more times I wound up skipping other sections and sticking on this part, marveling at one of the very few to make nollie frontside feeble grinds and nollie backside 50-50s seem cool. Justin Figueroa’s got some drama to his frame when he comes off the handrails and looks relaxed at speed, rare for your greaseball hessian type, and like Bryan Herman a validation of Reynolds’ choice in rail skaters. I like the switch backside flip, the nollie frontside boardslide and the 5-0 backside 180 out, which seems mighty scary on a big rail.

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8 Responses to “8. Justin Figueroa – “Stay Gold””

  1. olivier zahm Says:

    cheers. didn’t people used to act like that red rail with the rock base was gigantic then he nollie front boards it in his favorite tshirt.

  2. Olde Says:

    agreed. the dead meadow track, and supreme control were on point. still has individuality and style for a lanky young kid amidst his heroes.

  3. Supleme Says:

    figgy is pretty underrated as far as messageboard folk are concerned (which doesn’t really surprise me all that much) but i was pretty shocked on most peoples oversight of the 50-50 down the nobbed rail, that trick is nuts no matter HOW you slice it.

  4. Old School Sammy Says:

    What makes Figgy even more of a freak is the fact that he’s like 6 foot 3 or so—that can take a toll on your center of gravity!!

  5. drew Says:

    at least he finally learned how to push.

  6. Emerica Says:

    Hi, love that you love the film. And stoked that you posted props to Figgy. Can you do us a favor though and remove the video from the post?

    We would appreciate it.

    Thanks & Stay Gold

  7. wax lyrical Says:

    whats up with the ebaumsworld watermark?

  8. Dent Face Says:

    As much as I was surprised by how good Figueroa’s section was, I think the video belonged to Westgate. He straight up smashed it.

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