6. Dylan Rieder – “Dylan”

Whether or not he was as backed into a career-corner as his going-there “Epicly Later’d” made it sound, the Jake Burton-underwitten one-part promo wallop did a fine job resetting the gameboard for Dylan Rieder this fall. Earlier we were comparing him to Heath Kirchart due to danger-moves like the handrail switch flip and the boardslide to bus dodge, but rewatching this a few months later and there seems like a really “Visual Sound” tinge to some of this stuff like the bar ollie/frontside 180, the schoolyard line and that sidewalk run with the long lipslide on the white block… maybe it’s the button-ups. Still a little out to lunch on the Dracula cape-drawing moves with the forearm but supremely stoked on his left foot in the backside smith grind, resurrecting one of the better non-Penny kickflip shifties out there, and how many of his teammates filmed clips for his part.

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10 Responses to “6. Dylan Rieder – “Dylan””

  1. Cosme Says:

    Dracula cape-drawing moves !!!

  2. Olde Says:

    say word, that dracula cape shit is super gay, but the kid is insane. the cape shit is way distracting though. do you know anyone who bought those ballet shoes?

  3. carbonite Says:

    got some for work:

    would never skate though. poron insoles are very effective.

  4. Poron insoles Says:

    if we’re going to talk about his dracula cape arm steez we need to talk about marc johnsons too.

  5. lkonz Says:

    love this part and don’t mind his arms too much but for some reason i can’t watch matt mumford skate without noticing his arms are pretty much always at 3 and 9oclock no matter what he’s doing.

  6. Ben Says:

    Love that fact that you tagged this post with the tag “v-necks”.


  7. drew Says:

    I like the connection to a visual sound. Also, dracula cape steeze is one of the best phrases I’ve heard in a while.

  8. Tam Says:

    boil the ocean is to dracula cape-drawing moves as YouWillSoon is to Yo-Flips.

  9. art hellman Says:

    he’s no Ethan Fowler, but I did like the ‘simplicity’ of a lot of his lines and trick selection.

  10. slava1994 Says:

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