5. Jackson Curtin – “Give Me My Money Chico”

Don’t know any particular reasons why Jack Curtin isn’t regarded as one of the heaviest dudes out there these last few years, or maybe I’m just not moving in the right circles, but his appearance in the LRG video this year validates the thesis and about half the part is total carnage in the most Smash-TV sense possible — switch backside 5-0 the Clipper ledge, switch backside nosegrind (and pop-out) into the Courthouse ledge drop, switch ollie SBN’s Bay Area wall, switch frontside blunt at the Pyramid ledge, and all those tricks on the Chinese block (the last one would come in around the top of any year-end list I’d do on specific tricks). Still among skating’s best-dressed and the onliest dude still wearing Muska pants in 2010, really pulling for more from Jackson Curtin in the coming DGK production.

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4 Responses to “5. Jackson Curtin – “Give Me My Money Chico””

  1. theProgram Says:

    great fucking call. this dude has been under-appreciated for a while. the highilght for me was the line through the parking lot that ends with the high speed bs flip onto the sidewalk.

  2. timfeeble Says:

    Always find it interesting to see what shoe choices pros make when they don’t have a sponsor. To see him in fallens totally caught me off guard, the vans, nikes and converse don’t surprise me, but purple mid top fallens…. heck yea. Probably the most “creative” skater on dgk or maybe just the guy who has the motivation to make something work at any spot you’d take him to. nollie noseblunts on ledges are cool too.

  3. Jo El Says:

    i loved this vid…hoping Rob G’s part will be on your list as well. def one of my most rewatchable parts of the year. then again, i’m old.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    hes fully on fallen now

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