3. Andrew Allen – “Prevent This Tragedy”

A lot like Anthony Van Engelen did 10 years ago and Henry Sanchez did before that, Andrew Allen’s market strategy relies in part on bringing a hairball ramp-dog mentality to switch backside tailslides and frontside k-grinds — out the gate here he reverse suplexes a rail (backside) and careens into a big angry hill that eventually decides not to play nice. The big backside flip into the bank, switch backside 5-0 the creamy colored ledge and the switch b/s tail down that sorta wavy hubba emphasizes Andrew Allen’s smooth and sensitive side, and by the end he comes off a little better with the hills. “Prevent This Tragedy” was one of the better videos of the year, hopefully Thrasher keeps this ball rolling.

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6 Responses to “3. Andrew Allen – “Prevent This Tragedy””

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Thank you for including the too-often-overlooked Andrew Allen in this list. I’m claiming that Westgate receives the top honors.

  2. Mike Says:

    Subtract Sabbath, New Jersey, and the beanie, while adding the pomade and the Cali-modernity and the whatever that song was, and Andrew Allen is the latter day Freddy Gall. I get the Sanchez and Van Engelen comparisons, but they fall short since the speed the dude gets with is only after a hill. Crushers is as crushers does; I smoked dirts and drank with the dude in a hallway in Tampa in 2005, only knowing a Wheels of Fortune from the guy. He was dour but friendly.

  3. ballzack Says:

    PTT came out in 2009, no?

  4. K.bra Says:

    “…Andrew Allen’s smooth and sensitive side…” Amazing, just amazing!

  5. dave Says:

    Prevent this tragedy was definitely 2009

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