2. Jimmy Lannon – “The Dango Is Dead”

For my money the best nose-manualer working, Jimmy Lannon flows like a sweated up baggy t-shirt and mines the seam of inner-city bar-jumping to greater effect in the airier Florida zone, where he seems content to blast ollies all day long and sometimes balance on his front truck. If you boiled it down to a list of tricks this part in someone else’s hands might be some stony/soul moment but Jimmy Lannon’s view is more aggressive, short pants be damned. Ledge tricks cribbed from the old Mariano playbook and some of the best cheering sections captured on digital video this year (the nighttime line guys look like extras from one of RB Umali’s revisitations). Congratulate Jimmy Lannon for staying good and landing on the Magenta board company which posted up another mini-part the other day that features a nice switch backside bigspin out of a curb cut.

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12 Responses to “2. Jimmy Lannon – “The Dango Is Dead””

  1. pt Says:

    i hate the rhythm of how he skates — everything is a snappy, overly sucked-up ollie/nollie/follie/switch ollie, and then something else. it’s a common problem, down there in florida.

    • Anonymous Says:

      you have absolutely no taste! “i hate the rhythm?!” probably one of the most stylish dudes on a board out right now and off the board jimmy is the best guy you could meet. Who really complains about too much pop and authority?! sorry he doesn’t look like a f*cking robot and isn’t doing lipslide variations or hucking his body down rails or stairs. This kid stays true to his craft and upbringing and has actual thought put into his skateboarding (i.e. influenced style from east coast skating and trick selections influenced by the likes of natas, guy, keenan gino, and oyola.) Jimmy has finesse and ninja like skills and flip tricks. Dont be mad because he has pop in every stance and you are struggling to ollie. And how are you gonna hate on florida! reynolds?! renaud?! mighta heard of them?!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think he’s the first guy I’ve ever seen who has a style reminiscent of Chewy. Seriously good stuff in here…

  3. Jesus Says:

    Another problem not common to Florida, is idiots giving their unrequested opinions.

    Jimmy is the man. This part is amazing.

  4. wax lyrical Says:


  5. K.bra Says:

    Problem? Really? I thought this part was great! Nothing is overdone, good flow and near perfect trickselection.

    PS: Happy new year Mr Pilot!

  6. MCidraque Says:

    Plus he fackie ollie up big curbs; dude’s finesse.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hahaha this is insulting to anyone who actually busted their ass in their parts.

  8. Mike Says:

    Skating fast and jumping over shit will never go out of style. Boo hoo to those that think he was trying too hard, or not hard enough.

  9. adrian Says:

    No Darrell Stanton in this countdown?? Thanks for all your entertaining posts. Helps me kill time gracefully.

  10. booth tarkington Says:

    good one adrian. seriously, no one can fuck with Darrell Stanton’s trio part. swagger so tall it checks yao in the chin

  11. Chip Ottley Says:

    Anyone who hates on Jimmy Lannon is Fucking Weak, PERIOD! …..and I would be willing to bet that ANY negative post put up about him was done so by a kid who couldn’t skate 1/10th as good as that boy! Jimmy Lannon is “The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth” and you can tell ’em Chip said it too Bitch!

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