DGK Invokes Godwin’s Law In Rodrigo TX Signing

It was pretty clear that Flip/Rowley ruffled some feathers with their Mark Appleyard kiss-off a few weeks back, but the more recent muted send-off of Firm transplant Rodrigo TX kinda makes you wonder whether top DGK bosses really meant to equate Flip to the Third Reich, which this meme-upon-meme welcome clip sort of suggests in a bizarre way. We’ll assume they’re riffing on this one and move along to the more surprising and intriguing prospect of Arto Saari resuming residence under the genie’s lamp, now maintained by NHS. For someone who was flummoxed by the AWS abduction in the first place (all Burton in-house power maneuvers aside) this is one of those instances of things again being right with the world, though your mileage may vary…

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15 Responses to “DGK Invokes Godwin’s Law In Rodrigo TX Signing”

  1. tags Says:

    jr nieves

  2. Sean Says:

    I thought the Nazi comparison was a little overboard, but made apt by Flip’s usage of the iron cross logo worn by the officer reporting to Hitler. The Arto move however I can’t get on board with. I understand why he’s doing it. Saari and Rowley have a very good relationship and I can understand his impulse to stand by his friend, but his friend is the captain of a sinking ship. With legit rippers like TX, Appleyard, and Willow leaving, David Gonzalez becoming the brand’s most marketed pro, and claymation intros too bad to be comical ruining one of the most anticipated skate videos of the past decade I just can’t be down for Flip anymore. Arto may not have fit in at Alien Workshop, but I don’t think the present day Flip is the right place for him either.

  3. art hellman Says:

    2011 wish list:
    rowley and arto move to Toy Machine

  4. timfeeble Says:

    2011 wish list :
    anddddd lance goes to anti hero haha

  5. figsy Says:

    If Rowley leaves Flip that’s it, the jig is up, can’t say it’d be a bad thing at this point. We could then look forward to the inevitable revival in ten years time

  6. A smart person Says:

    How the hell does anyone who’s not a ghetto fabulous douche bag like DGK? How????

  7. Random Matt Says:

    This is the biggest buzz around TX since Menikmati.

  8. DamnDanMan Says:

    How can you not get behind DGK with their current roster? Also pretty sure this guy isn’t a “ghetto fabulous douche bag.”

  9. A smart person Says:

    I love Kalis, I like TX a lot, who else is on there? Jack Curtin? He’s sick too. I didn’t say anything about the skaters. The branding of the company is bullshit, not the riders. Also, are you kidding? Jamie Thomas wore that humourously, hence it being shown and joked about in skateboard magazines. Not too hard to figure out.

    • Cal Says:

      your so dumb. kayo has been making power moves all year and save for organika’s pros slacking, have built up one of the best skate teams. skaters like gallant, kalis, and tx all skate for the right reasons and are not one of those pros that continually switch teams for money, yet all 3 went to kayo. their doing much smarter things than you are. ALSO, thats jon allie, who skates for GOLD wheels, a kayo company and not jamie thomas, retard. as a skater you cant even recognize jamie thomas, gtfo. i never comment on random posts but this one was too much to just let go.

      • A smart person Says:

        Dude, you invalidated your entire argument with the FIRST FUCKING WORD. Holy cow.

        Wait… I wasn’t even going to read the rest of your shit after that, and now I’m glad I did.

        You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Really though, I think you might be kidding. Are you kidding? Do you really think what you just said is true? If you’re trolling, fuck me, you’re great at it.

  10. mike Says:

    already seen that hitler clip used about ten times before. not very original, much like DGK. Then again I guess it’s a better fit for TX than Flip, but since most people watch one video part at a time on the internet instead of an entire video at once, does it really matter who anyone rides for anymore?

  11. ciaran Says:

    Re abduction – The thing is, I never quit Flip. I just got abducted by Alien.

    Bit late, but y’know…

  12. crows feet Says:

    I was told Arto now owns part of Flip, hence the jump.
    I agree with Sean, Flip’s video would have been waaaay better, without all the claymation garb.

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