Radric Davis 1, Rob Dyrdek 0

Antwuan Dixon still a million


16 Responses to “Radric Davis 1, Rob Dyrdek 0”

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    Antwuan’s has phallic motifs: licking balls, spurting balls, face shot….

    Rob’s is still more embarassing.

  2. clug Says:

    That aint Antwuan. its the gucci.

  3. dOLo Says:

    you’re a bit slow aren’t you?

  4. sk8-4-fun Says:

    Dyrdek’s is fake. He might be kooky and all, but, there is no way he would potentially ruin so much (TV, business partnerships, other endorsements, etc.) by doing something so asinine.

    I would also like to point out that the Monster logo outline has a mistake in it. Look on his right shoulder area (follow the line of his neck straight down) and you will see where the line of the second hump crosses over the line of the first hump creating a small overlapping area. Granted, once the humps are filled in this overlap would be covered but why would you include it when doing the outline? Dark colors cover light colors when tattooing. Obviously this is an error but could easily be corrected when the logo is filled using some sort of temporary paint (like) material.

    Save the body-painting for the chicks at the Playboy mansion parties.

  5. Liam Says:

    i’m not sure who this guy is but why the fuck does he have an EA logo on his neck?

  6. k.bra Says:

    Yeah, i thought i was a dork for having a Konami logo on my neck…

  7. the necrognarmicon Says:

    Hey, My Colecovision tramp stamp still draws a lot of compliments

  8. kay Says:

    look closely…it says brrr inside the ice cream cone.

  9. Watson Says:

    Ahhhhhh they all look the same to you don’t they Rocuronium?

  10. lkonz Says:

    he’s so cold and sweet

  11. Old School Sammy Says:

    If Dyrdek actually DID get that ink on his back, it has to go down as one of, if not THE dumbest tattoos ever…

  12. DamnDanMan Says:

    Dyrdek’s is fake, fake, 1000 times fake.

  13. SummerCamp Says:

    Dyrdek’s tattoo stunt worked though….now all of us tools are talking about it online and Monster is getting all the word-of-mouth advertising they filled Dyrdek’s already-rich pockets with.

  14. bravo Says:

    dyrdek is a master at getting people to watch clips and make them go viral.

  15. Sleezy Bone Says:

    I heard Gucci Mane can do stand up frontside 5-0’s in the shallow end of a pool. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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