Joe Krolick Chases Away This Blog-Site’s Case Of The Mondays

The burgeoning web 3.0 endeavor “Already Been Done” nets a gimme mention on our web-space today by posting up some 411 industry section-era Josh Kalis footage that has the Love Park ledges, DC Lynx and wind pants you might expect, but also spices things up some with a few lesser-used arrows from the Kalis quiver (switch frontside crooked grind, reverse Pupecki) and some of that urban camo with the dark red blotches. A cursory search of Wikipedia’s camoflague page has revealed little as to the technical name of this camo persuasion. If anybody (such as the camo professors of Quartersnacks maybe) should know the identity of the black/white/dark gray/dark red camouflage pattern please chime in below so I can avoid looking so silly next time some good footage pops up that somehow incorporates this pattern.

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4 Responses to “Joe Krolick Chases Away This Blog-Site’s Case Of The Mondays”

  1. tropics Says:

    A: ‘Nun-in-a-blender’ camo, rarely aka ‘newspaper’ camo

    re: ‘reverse pupecki’ — it’s a gino grind/jam. and a reverse gino jam is his nollie f/s 180 to fakie b/s nosegrind.

  2. Mike Says:

    You’re case of the Fridays, if that even exists, should be well taken care of by three episodes of Kalis Epicly Later’d. Just hoping you get email notification on comments. Which you do. Update before you’re pronounced done.

  3. Liam Says:

    Was hoping your new years resolution was to post more often

  4. Rocuronium Says:

    It’s been a month.
    Checking this site for an update’s giving me the Mondays.

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