Higher Than Man, No Free Beats — White Powder Beats Vol. 4: Gangz Gunz N Gold Grillz Edition

Checking in again, briefly, to lob up one of my all-time favorite ads from when Brian Wenning’s ascendancy to East Coast legendhood was happening in the pages of magazines as opposed to Youtube entertainments and DC was continuing to experiment with color-schemes for what was at the time their fastest-selling model to date. Found this by happenstance tonight, searching for some unrelated magazine cover (no luck there btw). Kind of like thrusting your hand deep into the duffel bag of life and pulling out a long forgotten t-shirt that still fits, but is maybe musty and discolored. If I remember right, this appeared in a TWS that featured a 20-questions sort of feature with Wenning where he switch backside smith grinded a little handrail also. Think there was maybe a Rick McCrank article. I remember all this because naturally it is not among the seven or eight or ten boxes of skate magazines littering the basement/garage. Also love the light in this photo. To link this somehow to what’s currently happening we can draw a vague line to Tom Asta’s going-pro video that’s slated to go live on the Black Box website in about 23 minutes and chances are will include some form of switch heelflip at this same locale.

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4 Responses to “Higher Than Man, No Free Beats — White Powder Beats Vol. 4: Gangz Gunz N Gold Grillz Edition”

  1. REID Says:


  2. ulysses@yorku.ca Says:

    That is a great photo. And I think you’re right about it appearing in the same issue as his article – I remember he was wearing a Fourstar sweater at the beginning of it, and I think he was also wearing the DC Kalises in the SS/BS/Smith photo albeit they weren’t the same ones as in this ad. That shoe really was one of the best…I have two pristine pairs of it. This was all when I started really getting into skating. Anyways thanks for posting the photo and commentary, I appreciate the timewarp.

  3. BeaSreeze Says:

    I feel uncertain of myself on this…but was there ever footage of this sw heel?

  4. Rocuronium Says:

    Now if only we could get some bitter failed almost-sponsored, almost-published, almost-hired “editor” to contribute a brilliant critique.

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