In The Spirit Of _____, We Bring You ______


In keeping with the cosmic balance, Maldonado pops up in this Kerry Getz-themed clip today, click toward 01:05 for the relevant backside tailslide variant.

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6 Responses to “In The Spirit Of _____, We Bring You ______”

  1. ricky schiltitiz Says:

    funny, i thought i was reading a skateboard blog, not ‘overly self-indulgent ramblings by a bad writer who is sad that he got rejected from a state college creative writing MFA’

  2. will Says:

    ricky can eat a bag of hot dicks

  3. Pasta Fagioli Booger Eclipse Says:

    Does it say “dodging pricks” in that alien ad?

  4. OaklandPete Says:

    That Maldonado ollie is just monstrous! Anybody who has been to that spot in Philly can attest that without that ad (and footage) it would have been considered inconceivable at the time.
    I gotta say I don’t understand that Crocket photo. Where is he ollieing from? Is there some other ledge or ramp off camera? No way he is ollieing off that bench. I think once we see the footage we’ll all be a little less impressed. I’ll even go as far as suggesting that Alien is intentionally misrepresenting this as a flatground ollie.

    • sk84fun Says:

      What’s so hard to understand? No misrepresenting at all, it IS a flatground ollie. Gilbert is ollieing OVER the bench and down the stairs as one long gap. It was clear to me the first time I saw this post.

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