Funnel Cloud

Got the warm fuzzys seeing Raymond Molinar pop up in the Trapasso-facepaint Skateboard Mag the other day, partly because I’ve been worried about him fading out ever since his departure off Habitat, partly cuz there’s a little bit of Henry Sanchez-style spazz crustiness to his take on technical ledge tricks that’s pleasing to the eye. My initial recollections date back to some tricks in a TWS vid montage, possibly “Free Your Mind,” which would’ve been an all-time classic with another part and 1/3 as many skits — he did lines in those Vans with the giant V on the side, reminiscent of some Vision Street Wears, and even back then he had the switch kickflip backside tailslides. This entry in Popwar’s short-lived “Video Hype” DVD teaser series I thought of as his official/proper debut and it’s also worth revisiting as some Utahn has revived the brand-name, a strategy that could deliver profit and pleasure to all involved, and maybe even a lucky few who are not.

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5 Responses to “Funnel Cloud”

  1. TreyAnastasio Says:

    No Real video review? Dood brah!

  2. balls walls Says:

    He was kicked off cause he wasn’t skating enough and there was personal shit between him, castruci and brenan.

  3. juliuskeen Says:

    As much as I like Molinar (the lines, his style… herky-jerky or not), it’s hard to forgive laziness… it’s skateboarding…
    Q: Who’s too busy to get rad?
    A: Most the featured Cons team.
    Popwar is sorely missed though, such a great team.

  4. i was there Says:

    ray wanted 1st part in inhahibtants,didnt have the footy, would go to sf for 2 weeks and not skate and other places and do the same. rvca booted him for not wanting to go on trips, then habi. selgo got flushed too, should have been tim o . i have lots of stories from those times maybe someday i will tell, dont want to get in trouble!!!!!! fred gall ones are so legit. get at me

  5. ricky schilitiz Says:

    funny, i thought i was reading a skateboard blog, not ‘overly self-indulgent ramblings by a bad writer who is sad that he got rejected from a state college creative writing MFA’

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