10 Responses to “No Man With A Too Short Song In His Video Part Needs To Be Justified”

  1. Rudy Says:

    That video really does need to be watched in two doses anyway. It’s just too much too fast (in a good way.) When people ask me my favorites I alway say that you aren’t going to be disappointed by the obvious (Peter, Dennis) but the “what the fucks!?” go to Ishod and Jake. You just really can’t fuck with fucking with Bay Area spots (some anyway) and hearing one of their most notable spokespersons yelling “beeitch” at you! Go Jake!

  2. ricky schilitiz Says:

    funny, i thought i was reading a skateboard blog, not ‘overly self-indulgent ramblings by a bad writer who is sad that he got rejected from a state college creative writing MFA’

    • alt liquor Says:

      s0000 entry level bro…

    • lionz Says:

      not really that funny, acutally…. if you’ve discovered this in not a skateboard blog and is something to do with someone not getting into a state school or whatever, why do you come back? that’s a bit funny maybe… but not in the haha way, in the weird troll sorta way. you feel me dog?

  3. chepesen Says:

    “furrowing of brows” reminded me of p.g. wodehouse, good stuff pilot.

  4. REID Says:

    best parts in this order: Dennis, J.T. Aultz, Donnelly, Hardy, Ishod

  5. Rudy Says:

    I’d actually just say there’s no wrong answer as to whose part you liked the best- everyone did what they do best, it just comes down to preference. Not trying to start a circle-jerk over this thing or anything, but the video is fucking solid!

  6. Watson Says:

    Definitely one of “the galaxy’s great ungraspables”. I ponder it all the time. There’s a good reason they call it an “x-factor” I suppose.

    In the end I just don’t even try to grasp any of it. Just ignore the dudes like O’Neill who warrant a “blah” and get really stoked on the dudes like Donnelly who warrant a “BOI-OI-OI-OI-OI-OING!”

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