It changes pretty often but several times these past couple weeks I’ve decided that this 360 flip up the three must be the best trick in the video..

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9 Responses to “Ka-Chow”

  1. dedleg Says:

    A great trick to be sure – but the gravity-defying fs 360 that follows it is also great. There’s basically just a whole lot of greatness going on in that part.

  2. scoob Says:

    its like a two

  3. ljonz Says:

    there is no best or worst trick in the video

  4. art hellman Says:

    rad prequel

  5. al Says:

    I like imagining his china banks bail to be a hippy jump attempt. if it is, I can’t wait to see the make.

  6. Rocuronium Says:

    PLEASE don’t leave this out of the top three video parts of the year:

  7. Raul Says:

    Davis Torgerson’s fakie flip. In the line. You know the one.

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