Upgrading To ‘Conviction Buy’

Wound down the evening tonight skipping through EST 4 for a long-lost Josh Kalis line at Philadelphia city hall that ends in a switch b/s lipslide down a fabricated handrail. Eventually found it and clicked back to watch it a couple more times before letting it play through and then confronting this. Blinked a few times, wasn’t sure how to respond. Still not sure to be honest

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3 Responses to “Upgrading To ‘Conviction Buy’”

  1. clug Says:


  2. J_wU Says:

    the NJ shop ad, what is it sheckler says again? is greco not in the same ad too?

  3. Shane Joyce Says:

    I think he said (in a very “what’s this for?” kind of tone) “Yeeeaaaahhhh…I’ve HEARD of it.” and yeah Greco was in that ad too.

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