In Which ‘Boil The Ocean’ Is Visited By The Ghost Of Ledge Combos Yet To Be

Witness above Cory Kennedy, doing it big with a backside tailslide to kickflip to backside tailslide again (to fakie), on a bench painted orange to represent the fiery heat he is bringing to this technical skating game. Maybe you bugged out when you saw this trick but I plan to tell you I bugged out twice as hard because 1. I spent at least 30 minutes last winter attempting to do this exact same trick on EA Skate 2*, and 2. probably that was longer than it took the supernaturally powered Cory Kennedy to actually do it in real life. Some Joey Brezinski brainwave maybe, but I’m looking forward to hopefully getting a look at the un-Ty Evans’ed footage to see how fast he came off the second leg. Now and then I gotta sit myself down and reason out how come I continue to subscribe to TWS, between what seems like the first quarter of the magazine given over to schilling for advertisers’ products, an editorial tone that reminds me of a former roommates’ issues of “Maxim” and a kinda predictable cycle of promotion for their video offerings, and photos like this are a useful reminder.

*The spot I chose to bang my head against this particular wall was in EA Skate 2’s “Old Town” (behind the character in this pic), and in my defense I was working with a 90-degree elbow in the ledge, or maybe that’s no defense at all because it woulda been way more doable with a gentler angle. Live and learn

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9 Responses to “In Which ‘Boil The Ocean’ Is Visited By The Ghost Of Ledge Combos Yet To Be”

  1. Jo El Says:

    I too subscribe to TWS…and man does it suck in a lot of ways. the whole thing kind of feels like marketing for their next video. the tour articles, interviews, editorials, all kind of point in one common direction: their videos. they applaud themselves for finding such creative ways to group people together etc…

  2. REID Says:

    thats a stupid combo, shame on you cory kennedy.

  3. Watson Says:

    Been waiting for someone to do this for awhile. Not so much because I wanted to see it as much as I wanted to see how long until it could be done. Back when the hype for Shorty’s Guilty was rising, my friend from LA who’s gossip was usually very accurate told me he heard Smolik did back tail kickflip back tail. It seemed very doable by him back then and frankly I’m surprised that it took someone this long to do it actually. And even more surprised that it wasn’t Torey Pudwill. And even more surprised that it didn’t show up first as a frontside tail kickflip frontside tail.

    Now how long until Torey does back lip kickflip back tail kickflip back tail kickflip?

  4. Watson Says:

    Also some kid in Calgary today did a backflip on street over a fixed barricade, so who knows what kind of crazy shit we’ll be seeing this year?

  5. Justin Says:

    I get that same Maxim vibe from Transworld, too. Maxim is such a shitty magazine.

  6. Huckleberry Hart Says:

    Your characterization of TW is dead on. BTO comes up aces again. Video gamers can get chicks?!?! Shit, I need to get back on the Donkey Kong kick.

  7. Ty Evans’ Love Letter To Excess, In Which Even A Guy Mariano Part Sparkles With Frosting « boil the ocean Says:

    […] the filmer slowly through a grove of trees to capture a lipslide in the wild. Cory Kennedy, whose mid-backside tailslide kickflip attains the rare status of super-technical tricks that look as good on film as they did in a […]

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