I Might Be Wrong

But watching these Heath Kirchart off-cuts from the Emerica vid, I feel like there’s a passing moment around 8:49 here, where he’s hopping into the golf cart en route to landing that giant 360, that you can see the thought of maybe not retiring pass through the motorcycle helmet…

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9 Responses to “I Might Be Wrong”

  1. REID Says:

    i liked vov’s motivational speech, very inspiring

  2. MP Says:

    he appears like a spirit guide during a long and depriving vision quest.

  3. jeff Says:

    he sure did have a jump in his step.

  4. ND Says:

    I swear that’s a tear he wipes away at 10:55

    P.S “Values and choices” is the best tag yet

  5. Rocuronium Says:

    that motorcycle tow gap was good warm up for the mega air.

  6. art hellman Says:

    go where eagles dare

  7. Anonymous Says:

    doesn’t really feel like he’s retired: 1) still on the workshop tream page (which the same can’t be said about Berra) 2) just had a new shoe/boot thing come out 3) still skating at demos (at least one) 4) way better than most pros (if fucking BAM can have a board with his name on it…) 5) this here “b-side” footage. i rest my case.

  8. Hell yes, i straits write something like this on the contrary didnt have time, may i repost this I Might Be erroneously « boil the ocean Says:


  9. dedleg Says:

    Maybe there will still be that laid back ditch part after all… one day…. or not.

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