Above The Fruited Plain With Torey Pudwill, High On Freak Pills

Cue the kickflip lipslide to switch k-grind and out the door goes any notion that Torey Pudwill might put some kind of lid on the video game tricks in favor of putting his oodles of raw talent toward something like a concept-part, and that’s okay — Pudwill gets it in wearing mustard yellow sneakers and anything less than his usual all-the-way-turnt-up tech probably would be uncivilized. The line through those La Brea* ledges sparks the idea life again, until he goes supervillain with the backside noseblunt and starts kickflipping sidewalks and twirling over pic-a-nic tables, but when this dude applies himself to tricks like that bump-to-bar nosegrind and the backside smith grind through the blue kinker rail, if I was a cellar door searcher, I’d be glad Torey Pudwill’s not out there looking to eat my lunch the way it seems like he could really do on the energy-drink contest circuit if he had a good day.

When he did that looong backside noseblunt I sort of moaned and it came back louder after that launch-ramp b/s tailslide. Dario Rezk gets points for subtlety on an off-the-flat ender, even with pop being one of Pudwill’s stocks in trade. When it came out that Thrasher was going to be the exclusive home to this latest marquee web-part, and the ensuing hype cycle on the website in the last couple weeks, I got to thinking this was Plan B’s way of trying to slot Pudwill in for SOTY. It would be hard to argue with. No doubt these are precision moves, nollie flip backside tailslide bigspin flip out, but those arms work in his favor because if we’re putting a technician on the pedestal I’m going for the sweaty, hairy unhinged one versus the switch-flip-switch-b/s-tail-coloring inside the lines of Shane O’Neill. If Pudwill comes back with a part filmed in the second half of 2011 featuring a load of frontside tailslide and frontside smith grind tricks then it’ll be game over.

*Or wherever — you know, Danny Garcia localizes them

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12 Responses to “Above The Fruited Plain With Torey Pudwill, High On Freak Pills”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    After I watched this part I just want Torey to cut the shit, no more flip to slide moves…Please just go fast and slide, grind and jump over big things. The less people see your arms and body move the better. Do these things and you might get a fan over the age of 16. I will admitt i back him more than P-Rod for some reason.

  2. intheknow Says:

    glad you referenced the big fs nosegrind. the over-the-bar-from-flat bsts was a bold move as well.

  3. J-wU Says:

    a mind blowing skate part from t-puds.
    by the by, shane oneil in the new tws video, kinda seemed dawonesqe in a next gen kinda way, which is silly because daewon is still doing crazy new shit to date.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    That switch heel over the bench…

  5. SiSePuede Says:

    Agreed, if dudes are going to get uber tech, there had better be some kind of personality in it.
    The stiff, winding up of the arms-“coloring inside the lines”-robotic, video game style does not impress this camp.
    Lets see it bigger, dirtier, faster, longer, and hairier, just like Pudsy does, and we’ll back it.

  6. dedleg Says:

    It would be a real shame if Torey took SOTY over Busenitz. Not that he isn’t obviously incredibly nasty on a skateboard, but Torey’s got years of special bar induced kookery left in him. Might as well give him some incentive to, you know, try something a little different.

  7. ingvar olson Says:

    re: *

    no big deal, but you made the exact same non-local mistake that Transworld made in Danny Garcia’s check-out thirteen years ago —

    La Brea is a major street in Los Angeles.

    Brea is an older city in northern Orange County, from which DG and Austyn Gillette hail from. Liberty Skate Shop is in Brea, so Fullertonians James Craig and Evan Schiefelbine are usually linked with the city as well.

    • al Says:

      that spot is in West Covina, commonly known as the “Fitness blocks” (it’s outside a 24 Hour Fitness gym). Pretty retarded. I thought Leo demolished it with his fs noseblunt and (even more so) with the back crook. Those things are chopped as hell

  8. handerson Says:

    speaking of Leo…I liked T-puds part. He did a bunch of tough stunts, but if given a choice I would watch Leo’s out-takes every time. Puds does crazy shit, but style matters and T-puds is terrible. Technical score 10. Style 5. 5 because he occasionally looks ok. Yep, I’m impressed. No I probably won’t bother watching it again.

  9. blizzard flip of oz Says:

    ‘Leo’s style’ — all of those little baby power pushes…not unlike the rhythm of mongo

  10. kelson Says:

    Busenitz will still win SOTY because not only did he put out a part but he also won wampa and got second in maloof NY.

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