Ty Evans Captures The Delicate Majesty Of Skateboarding On A Log (In 3D)

Big Brother Magazine famously compared skateboarding first to shit, then to a number two, and finally to crap before women’s literature magnate Larry Flynt deemed the topic below his standards and unpublishable. Now the time is 2011 and videographer Ty Evans has recast the log in a new and dignified light, bathing it in expensive three dimensional effects and slow motion to unveil the inner glory of the act.

Ty Evans produced the Girl skateboards short feature “Unbeleafable” with the help and bankroll of pants maker Levis. The clip depicts honest and earnest friends just having fun, skating on some logs and playfully throwing leaves at one another and giggling. The ‘board brand uses the wild purity of the forest to showcase some of Girl’s most youthful riders in a lighthearted romp. “Come on!” amateur Raven Tershy seems to invite with a twinkling eye. “Let’s see what lies just around the next bend.”

Other videos such as “Mouse,” “The Storm” and “Chicagof” have tried and failed to capture the solitude and thrumming power potential to be discovered within yourself, when shredding a treebranch with your own bros. Ty Evans succeeds using a combination of technical effects, powerful filming hardware and pulsating French techno music, the result both breathtaking and inspiring and tearful all at once. Ty Evans’ artistic creation challenges the viewer to behold the beauty and grandeur of slow motion and true three dimensions like how they did it in “Avatar,” which special effects also made into the greatest film achievement of all time, and leaves you to ponder these things for another four minutes as the credits roll.

The combination of gently fluttering leaves, flipping boards and slow motion methods rank as a prime milestone in the halls of film, and the brazen originality and sly humor of the short film stand easily among past Crailtap camp productions.

“Unbeleafable” is unrated. It features many leaves, some of them dead, and a few slams.

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9 Responses to “Ty Evans Captures The Delicate Majesty Of Skateboarding On A Log (In 3D)”

  1. art hellman Says:

    All that was missing was a bald-headed bear and some subtitled raccoons…

  2. pt Says:

    thank you, art the human

    do you know how to pony? like boney maronie?

  3. smorales Says:

    Didn’t Bobby Worrest’s noseblunt on the log in krook3d kind of nullify all this?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    oh man… as much as i’ve enjoyed ty evan’s filming, this “unbeleafable” (worst crailtap pun title of them all?) short was just emberrsing to watch. it’s like, slowmo + dramatic music + falling leaves = magic! except when it doesn’t. formula + 3D + levi’s money does not a good film make. what a waste of $.

    • Joshua Says:

      Agree with you one hundred percent. This exemplifies the bastardization of skateboarding and the new low for overly dramatic, highly defined and sensationalized video production.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    I agree with Anonymous and Joshua…

    Ty Evans exorbitant use of slo-mo and dolly shots makes this video almost unwatchable. His gluttony for high dramatics overshadows the fun/pure/raw act that is skateboarding. I’ve always been a fan of the Girl/Chocolate productions (Mouse being an extremely heavy influence on my entire skate “career”), but I’m a little scared that the newest Ty production will ruin that streak.

    I’m not saying that we need to make every video feel like Eastern Exposure, but part of the beauty of Girl/Chocolate films has always been it’s laughable simplicity. An excellent formula of top notch skateboarding, comradery, and humor, not avatar-esque PRODUCTIONS.

    I was a fan of Ty’s early Transworld works, but as his decadence has become beyond excessive I feel the need to shout that this is skateboarding and less is more.

  6. alt liquor Says:

    I got to about half-way then kept clicking forward, it was all the same.

    props to the software dudes that figured out the 2D/3D switch.

    but this vid and that skate and create that was all flames and you couldn’t even see the skating…wtf? someone needs to stop trying to out spike jonze spike jonze, it’s not gonna happen dude. he already had rick skating in a real forrest, stop “borrowing”. it’s like the ad with the pool and the balloons…we’ve seen it dude…I guess Ty is aiming for the TWS award for special effects.

  7. mrag Says:

    you spelled “chichagof” wrong, you n00b

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