Ricky Oyola Would Like You Lousy Kids To Stay Off The Lawn, Stop Pushing Switch Mongo

At a moment in time when our graybeard forefathers are pursuing Hollywood starlets a fraction of their age it’s refreshing and reassuring to see an elder statesman straighten his back, hike his pants well past the bellybutton and deliver a verbal threshing to all deserving whippersnappers out here: witness streetstyle legend Ricky Oyola’s VBS turn, front-loaded with do’s, don’ts, shoulda-beens and topical lectures that come off more bemused than bitter, in this longtime fan’s estimation.

Ricky Oyola has earned his bully porch-seat from which to shout and wave various objects at skateboarding’s wayward youth. He has on film one of the best switch kickflips ever performed (flat gap in the street, Sub Zero vid), did switch backside shifty ollies and for those around at the time it’s not overstating it to say his “Underachievers” section shifted skating’s point of view for some years afterward. So let him say his piece: having to stick up for himself, his friends and town, possibly sometimes all at once, living in the shadow of New York City and California, skating uphill to school in the rain both ways — there may be few better suited to a role as what may be the first post-young skateboarder, righteously rattling his cane at an industry obsessed with youth and not properly thinking out which end of the board they’re going to pop off next when filming their lines.

A certain world-weariness seems to have replaced the belly-fire that prompted vagrant confrontations and sober instructions as to how one skated the Love Park ledges, and as an occasional grumbler on various topics beginning with “kids these days” it’s nice to see someone with a legitimate claim comfortably shift into the role of loudly complaining oldster. There is a goal and purpose to growing old and the luxury of righteously bitching is at the top of the list. You’d think this opens up a whole new realm of potential sponsorship deals to supplement Traffic — pro model arch supports or knee braces, stretching videos, Aleve, etc.

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12 Responses to “Ricky Oyola Would Like You Lousy Kids To Stay Off The Lawn, Stop Pushing Switch Mongo”

  1. smorales Says:

    I am also in the coming off bemused not bitter camp. But whatever people need to get their panties up in a bunch via internet…

  2. art hellman Says:


    …and since when are skateboarders supposed to be all “hey brah, you skate, I skate, we all skate, lets hold hands and shred this blue marble together sans bad vibes, man, brah, man.”

  3. alt liquor Says:

    “There is a goal and purpose to growing old and the luxury of righteously bitching is at the top of the list.”


  4. Joshua Says:

    I’ve gotta say that in addition to his switch flips, Oyola’s 360 flips are some of the best out there. Just check the opening line of his EE3 part for proof.

  5. doomcloud Says:

    What about Ensure and Viagra sponsorship? Such an entertaining Epicly Later’d series so far. Keep a-bloggin’, PL. Yer fer sure in the zone.

  6. clug Says:

    On a side note, I think O’dell is doing a brilliant job of elevating these legends careers when some of them probably need it most. (Dill, Kalis, Ricky, cardiel etc). I really hope this boosts Traffic’s sales in a big way.

  7. Brad K. Says:

    I too agree with not being bitter in this but that may only be because he got all of that out in his Slap Pals interview thing.

    P.S. I was so stoked on Ricky OyoIa in high school I did things like skate 60mm wheels when our main spot was a homemade ledge on a perfectly smooth tennis court.

    • art hellman Says:

      he is definitely to thank for my friends and I riding 8.5 decks and 60mm wheels during our formative years

  8. ljonz Says:

    Today I did a fakie flip on a bank in ricky’s honor.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    i’m feeling ricky oyola, but you’re dreaming if you think that switch flip was one of the best ‘ever peformed’ as it was ugly as fuck, mob, and looks to have barely popped

  10. lavarburton Says:

    Longtime fan, e-mail me PatrickStiener@gmail.com We’re currently working on Traffic Skateboards new line under Theories of Atlantis. I would love if you were down to throw some ideas at us or maybe work on something together….

  11. John E Miller Says:

    One of my favs of ricky oyola is when he switch ollies down and up the city hall sets of 6 in quick succession. And I never pushed switch mongo! At least we’ve got Wair and Suciu to carry on the Philly legacy.

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