Fifteen Year Fallout

No deep thoughts today, only posting up a youtube-unearthed gemerald that I try and revisit periodically, Dan Drehobl’s closer for Think’s 1996 production “Damage.” I bought this tape on the strength of a review in Big Brother, funded by a grocery store paycheck on summer vacation. Tricks in this section, which hit hard at the time, have passed in and out of fashion to the point that a lot of these would stand up fine if some dude filmed them today (gap to lipslide), and to date I’m not sure anybody is fucking with his China Banks assault near the end. The song does it too, skateboard this weekend.

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4 Responses to “Fifteen Year Fallout”

  1. intheknow Says:

    thanks for this. damage was the 2nd video i ever owned and i think this part influenced my skateboarding in ways that still apply today.

  2. thecarbonite Says:

    Schaefer kills it in that video

  3. GLZA Says:

    Slide to fakie over the bench is un-fuck-withable at the end. Calling him Cancer Dan still upsets me though.

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