Posting No. 458, In Which We Muse Upon Paul Rodriguez’s New Sticker

Sidestepping the at-times tiresome topic retread and requisite rambling, I guess the question is whether in 4Q11 if the end justifies the means..

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20 Responses to “Posting No. 458, In Which We Muse Upon Paul Rodriguez’s New Sticker”

  1. Josh R. Says:

    A telephone sponsorship is definitely a sign that someone is getting greedy. He already has the core skate sponsorship package (board, shoes, trucks, etc.), two non-skate sponsorships, and now he needs to add another non-skate sponsor. My good sir, I say enough! On a side not, does his kicker in the back really have to be the Target symbol?

  2. REID Says:

    p-rod has to be swimming in a pool of gold coins, rare jewels, and cash a la Scrooge McDuck. Get that money corporate posterboy soulja!

  3. Magic Pizza Says:

    Remember Appleyard and “Boost Mobile”? This isn’t the first cha-ching fling from a telephone company.

  4. timfeeble Says:

    I’d take free phone service over free mt. dew any day.

  5. dhad Says:

    I’m sure he could have retired to a very large home near his family without taking the Target and AT&T sponsorships. It just strikes me as a little greedy, unless he becomes a skate-philanthropist. Why risk your legacy? Do you really want to be remembered as the guy who opened the door for Target to start carrying skateboards?

  6. Jonathan Says:

    I fail to see any problem here. If you have been skateboarding long enough you would know that these big companies come and go and it is not going to last forever. If they want to give money to people for just putting stickers on their boards and wearing their hats why the hell not. Get it while it’s hot.

    • JMH&%) Says:

      And you would fit Nike where into your theory? Why invite such possibilities into the arena? Your whole idea of getting paid and one using the other is fine for a self-centered/business approach but the big biz presence doesn’t lend any quality or positive presence into my life or the vitality of skateboarding as a whole, that is, if you’ve been skateboarding long enough. The problem here is that the newest generation keeps looking towards the money and big sponserships you dildo. When the money displaces the heart, we can kiss away what we’ve done for a long enough time. Money and sponsers have always been sticky but the decision gets easier and easier when there is more money. Ever ponder why decks and trucks have stayed essentially the same price for 20 years? The more money one makes, chances are the further they are from the skater run brands.

      • Anonymous Says:

        “you dildo”

        nice touch

      • Jonathan Says:

        You can only build a house of cards so high. The cycle will continue. As long as we have people that care enough to go on message-boards and call a complete stranger a “dildo” for voicing an opinion, then I believe we have enough passion to keep skateboarding alive.

  7. Amyl N. Says:

    He’d fit well on Halliburton.

  8. iron balls mcginty Says:


  9. OaklandPete Says:

    I fail to see that this is somehow shocking. Boost Mobile had been sponsoring sisters for a few years now. Tony Hawk is sponsored by MacDonalds, for crying out loud. Paul Rodriguez Jr, child of a Hollywood celebrity, has been vying to be the public face of the street skating professional sportsman since he left Menace, I’d say. Him and Dyrdek, but with different approaches.
    I’m not thrilled about it, but certainly not a bit surprised. He should just sign a contract with Disney and Apple (maybe upgrade from Target to Wal-Mart) and be done with it.

  10. Roy Says:

    Contest kids do desperate things when they develop a losing streak.

  11. art hellman Says:

    Jonathan: well put! you are no dildo

  12. HarryCrews Says:

    Who cares? He is perfect for this kind of sponsorship, and a good role model for other Mexicans. He left Girl to ride for Plan B, is it really so strange that he would ride for these brands, it’s not like its Ethan Fowler. I don’t see anyone criticizing Stevie Williams, why? He did pretty much the same things, only he has been less successful. If I was him I’d try and get sicker sponsors, Target? Why stop there? I’d hit up A.P.C. , BMW, and Apple.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Just curious- what does being Mexican have to do with anything?

      • HarryCrews Says:

        He’s a Mexican from East LA. He’s a good role model. If you can’t see what that has to do with anything, I don’t know what to say.

    • Anonymous Says:

      He’s a Mexican from the valley who’s father is famous actor/comedian Paul Rodriguez. Anyone being a good role model should be applauded, but their specific race shouldn’t really matter is all I meant.

      (not that I consider getting a shitload of retarded sponsors being a good role model, but he seems like a nice guy who is appreciative for everything he has.)

      • HarryCrews Says:

        Well it does matter, even if your politically correct ass can’t see that. Paul Rodriguez is going to be a lot easier for a latino kid in South Central to relate to than Torey Pudwill. Don’t be so naive.

  13. Joshua Says:

    “As long as we have people that care enough to go on message-boards and call a complete stranger a “dildo” for voicing an opinion, then I believe we have enough passion to keep skateboarding alive.”

    ^^Well put^^

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