Skateboard Cinematographers Ready Casting Call For Seagull’s Replacement In Artsy-Fartsy Media Up/Downgrade

Ever since Henry Sanchez rendered street progression largely impossible by doing every trick in the mid-1990s, skating has been forced to apply new spins on old ideas, sometimes with a kickflip out. The advent of cheaply consumable home electronics ten years ago initiated the extension of this idea into the living room editing bay, where a new generation now has revitalized and celebrated the shitty quality that one can only achieve by filming on a clunky shoulder-ready VHS camcorder and the dual-VCR master tape compiling process. Two-liters of Shasta optional, but if Neon Indian and the chillwavers can mine cassette-tape hiss for bloggable revenues, why can’t VHS be the new super-8?

With the requisite ironic fist bump offered to Sam Salganik’s “Naughty” I really remember this idea hitting with the landmark “hello” clip from Palace that they’ve since evolved and hopefully are wringing out over some type of full-length, but in the meantime Atlanta bros Matt Swinsky and Matt Creasy have fetishized the static lines and tracking indicator (even if the 8-bit graphics are a little higher fi) to ground their generally awesome VHS Tape movie. Ryan Cooper’s heroin chic is a major highlight with ripping parts from Dan Plunkett and Chris Burns but the found/archival footage they weave in tinges the whole vid with a feeling of decay in several of the technological and cultural meanings you might imagine. Sort of like “Gummo” on a dying TV but with more Swooshes and with that one black/white checkerboard ledge spot as a key locale.

They maybe overdo the “tracking” thing by the end but the skating and wise soundtrack navigation keeps the concepts from getting too stale and it seems like one of the better videos to come out this year, for sure. Also wondering if the aesthetic will get plopped into more otherwise straight-ahead projects like last week’s barge through the Philly edition of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

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15 Responses to “Skateboard Cinematographers Ready Casting Call For Seagull’s Replacement In Artsy-Fartsy Media Up/Downgrade”

  1. KDP Says:

    Fun video for sure…
    I think a lot of the VHS’ery is effected, though and only a little is true whereas Palace are filming (Like the Krooked boys were) on an old shoulder mount with a century lens taped on the end.

    Remember that sepia toned Super 8 plugin everyone ran with for a minute to make their mini-DV intros look classy?


    Again…sick video, though. Some original styles and a good raw feel to it all.

  2. Joshua Says:

    The Palace video was sick as well as the Swinsky/Creasy production. I’ll admit that I too thought that the “tracking” throughout “VHS” felt a little overdone but not enough to completely kill my interest. I can remember, not that long ago when “Gnar Gnar” was released thinking how rad it was that someone was tenacious enough to film a whole video on VHS tape. The suggestion of VHS becoming the new High-8, while entirely likely, makes me a little worrisome seeing how overused High-8 effects have become.

  3. REID Says:

    The 90’s seem to be the golden age for a lot things nowadays.

  4. intheknow Says:

    i remember staying with plunkett, clark, and crew in ATL years ago when this project was just gettting underway. i never thought it would see the light of day, and even though they edited it, it’s still amazing. however, to see it in it’s original form was absolutely mind-blowing.

  5. ATM Says:

    for what it’s worth, VHS tape was done at the beginning of last year.

  6. ATM Says:

    there was also a local video that came out at the end of 2009 that was similarly lo-fi, where all of the footage was filmed off of the computer before it was edited. i figured that was worth mentioning.

  7. t.a. Says:

    I was hoping for an ‘art bars’ tag after all that…

    and I got one. Note to self: Never underestimate the elusive figure that is Pilot Light.

    Also, Keep on truckin’.

  8. The Langoliers Says:

    In my opinion the VHS aesthetic works but must be accompanied by plenty of raw hip hop, the token alternative track or two, and the pants and overall kits should steer clear of slimfitery. There were no Dylans in the 90s.

    Also, does this recent proliferation of lo-fi video production affirm Krooked as the avant garde of street skating?

  9. art hellman Says:

    edited my first video as lad by ‘stop and record’ recording off the TV then made a cassette of the ‘soundtrack’ while watching the first version, then filmed the first version playing on tv while playing the cassette on a boombox next to the camera

    kinda funny that people are so into the low-fi when everyone was complaining about the REAL video going back and forth between formats…which is sorta like when people would complain about songs on a cassette that are softer than another and now when people complain about songs on a digital compilation switching back and forth between 128, 256, and 320….or whatever.

    an entire stop animation live action video is the only next logical progression

  10. thecarbonite Says:

    i back that VHS tape vid hard as fuck…however, I still think skating looks coolest w/VX and a fisheye (i want to say “death lens” but don’t know what that means exactly)

  11. Lionz Says:

    Walked past the occupy Philly tents tonight and tried to explain to a coworker (that doesn’t skate) why I was laughing to myself.

  12. joe Says:

    Just watch the nyc manolo tapes from the 90’s, sheep shoes video, or AH fucktards on youtube. So tight and lofi as shit. then watch jimmy mcdonald and Worrest es parts to see how great hd is also.

  13. House Music Says:

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