If I Had To Guess, Or Maybe Felt Like Guessing In A Semi-Uneducated Fashion



…I would submit that form like this on rock-n-rolls moved Grant Taylor at least 40% of the way toward situating a little golden trophy guy with a backward hat on a bookshelf in Atlanta or wherever.

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7 Responses to “If I Had To Guess, Or Maybe Felt Like Guessing In A Semi-Uneducated Fashion”

  1. George Says:

    …and maybe the best frontside disasters of all time.

  2. Joshua Ballew Says:

    …and quite possibly the sickest backside one footer to have graced a skate mag.

  3. Rocuronium Says:

    The new lifeblood video is soooooooo sick:

  4. grnpnt@kngslnd Says:

    rock and roll is a trick!

  5. doomstation55 Says:

    that and the fact he isnt a twitter/instagram/facebook/myspace/blog/website/internetingeneral homosexual (the more PC term for faggot)… I gotta say his attitude in general is “thrasher” oriented, he once was kind of a dick to me n some friends for offering the end of our joint at the denver park saying “o thanks for the roach man” sarcastically…

  6. Eric Says:

    Like watching this dude, he fuckin goes hard. That’s a nice proper rock and roll and everything and he’s got nice airs. All the hype detracts a bit but whatever. I like that someone put up the lifeblood video link. Kevin Kowalski has my favorite disasters though and a dozen variations. Like em both.

  7. HarryCrews Says:

    The worst SOTY since Silas. Even Cole is a better SOTY, the guy is is as interesting as white wonder bread, no butter. A SOTY should have some sort of unplaceable quality, this guy is a variation of Shane O’neill.

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