Is Gou Miyagi An Undercover Dream Policeman?

This holiday season the laboratory statisticians who devise Street League algorithms have further reason to curse the name and shovel coal into the stocking of Gou Miyagi, the Japanese urchin busily polishing the “other” bucket that sits alongside the lengthening ranks of subgenres residing under the twin pillars of “street” and “transition,” with an asterisk even. The ongoing uphill/big ollie/super fast movement reminds that people will find a way to keep things from getting too stale (here, a firecracker up six), but this dude is still out there figuring out ways to do tricks backward and inside out.

When I seen this guy’s previous part in “Overground Broadcasting” I sat back and thought it over for a while since personally I didn’t go in for William Spencer’s brand of stuntwork, where a lot of the time the skateboard seemed incidental to the whole thing. Like he could have been flipping onto a pogo ball, or an ironing board. Richie Jackson’s stuff skewed a little bit more toward conventional firecrackers and powerslides and pole jams so on. This Gou Miyagi still seems like he’s on his own wonderful/horrible planet decked out with a bunch of curvy round handrails all over the place.

It’s cool to me that this “Subspecies” part is shorter. Maybe he’s working off some injury since it does seem like several things could go terribly wrong with a few of these moves but you like to think he’s sitting around like Joey Brezinski and envisioning tricks, like he suggested in that Slap interview a while ago. My favorite one is when he walks his axles across the top of the ledge, attention former freestylers, please post in the comments section the technical name for walking on the axles, thx.

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5 Responses to “Is Gou Miyagi An Undercover Dream Policeman?”

  1. art hellman Says:

    Subarashii! The Lesque team, Deshi, and the rest of the Japanese skaters out there right now have been keeping skateboarding interesting for a long time now…and not just with parts like Gou-san’s above, but just with their day-to-day take on street skateboarding as well. Aside from BTO, VHS is probably my most anticipated “when’s the next post” website.

    I bought Subspecies but have been saving it for the weekend when I can properly view it…Psyyyyched.

  2. mick moss Says:

    i thought this was a skateboard blog? not the keyboard bile of a failed creative writing MFA student

    • Nrml Says:

      Wow. You’re getting quite a lot of mileage out of that one stupid ass comment, Mick. Gou is awsome, and so is using carpet for griptape.

  3. bote Says:

    well shit… there are probably more creative writing dropouts/grads in skateboarding than you know, anyway, this boiltheocean is great and the writing is why. I wouldn’t call myself a freestyler, but I like to think I know a thing or two about PRIMO* grinds

    *named after long-time Venice beach loc Primo Desidero

  4. bote Says:

    what I was trying to say was, wouldn’t the axle walk be some kind of primo? maybe not…

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