Extreme Athletes Represented By Sports Agents Continue To Be Entranced By Target Corp.

In many ways, skateboarding is about self-discovery and knocking down personal barriers to personal accomplishment. In other ways, especially to those of us whose flesh has begun to sag in unfortunate ways, it is about reclaiming lost youth. Other times it is really about sticking it to the Man and wearing flamboyant pants.

In the big-tent spirit that has enabled major retailer brands to access economies of scale and pass along righteous savings to you, several well known pros ask the question, why cannot it be all of these things, with a legit consumer experience delivered by trusted partners at Target Corp? Target is like the Real World cast member who wore ringer tees and a nose ring in comparison to Wal-Mart that fondly remembered some high school football wins and was old enough to frown on the younger stores’ binge drinking ways.

Shaun White is the latest extreme professional to back Target’s product range and appeal to some different demographics. Here is how he described a branded revelation that came upon him when he sought to equip his second house, as told to the New York Times Home N Garden section:

You go into Target and you realize that there’s that whole other half of the store. I had no idea! Man, it’s not just video games? Spatula set? Yes! I got crock pots, I had panini makers and all these things. I was losing my mind. It’s easy to get sucked in.

Just on a related note, Target today announced that “Target Introduces Huge Savings on Thousands of Items”

Last year, Paul Rodriguez Jr revealed his lifelong admiration for the Minneapolis-based retailer in remarks given exclusively in a press release that sealed his endorsement deal.

“I grew up right across the street from a Target and have many memories of skating over to the store as a kid,” Paul said in the official Target release. “I’ve always loved their brand and am excited about the relationship and potential of what we can do together.”

It seems like Target Corp attracts extreme sporting athletes like a powerful retailing magnet, but despite P-Rod’s switch bigspin heelflip capabilities Shaun White has way more bankable celebrity shine and thus was offered the opportunity to partner exclusively with Target to design lamps and bedspreads that ensure the Tiffany Dunk colorway continues to be variously soiled for years to come. According to the Sports Business Journal:

White is the most recognizable action sports athlete in the U.S. His Davie-Brown Index score (72.41) outranks fellow action stars Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler and Bam Margera. His awareness level, a 73.94, is comparable to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Remember, these are numbers that elevate you to bedding money, several lofty levels above signature sneaker paydays but on a different branch of the money tree than reality show loot. It is worth noting that Shaun White’s push into the bedding market puts him into direct competition with his former boss at Birdhouse, Tony Hawk, who already has laid claim to his own corner of the sector. Will a Steve Rocco/George Powell generational battle play out for the sheeting business? Is the market large enough to satisfy the competitive drive of two action sport stars? Will Pierre-Luc Gagnon be the next skater to endorse K-Mart? Is Fashion Bug the “heelies” of specialty retailing?

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14 Responses to “Extreme Athletes Represented By Sports Agents Continue To Be Entranced By Target Corp.”

  1. JeremyRandall Says:

    I have no problem with Shaun White. He’s basically the new Tony Hawk. It is kind of weird how to most people who skate, Shaun White barely even registers, but to your average kid who might just be getting into skateboarding right now, he’s probably the most well known skateboarder on the planet. I mean hell…he’s not doing the worst job ever of being that really famous guy who gets all the ten year olds psyched on action sports. The ones who stick with it will find out about all the rest of it pretty quick.

  2. Justin Says:

    Does Shaun White have any skateboarding sponsors? Obviously if he doesn’t and keeps entering skateboard contests it’s because he cares about going skateboarding, but what does this do in terms of defining him as a professional skateboarder? Can you even buy a Shaun White skateboard? A big part of being a pro skateboarder is having put in the effort that somebody believes a piece of wood is worthy of having your name screen printed/heat transfered on to it. Shaun is certainly very talented, but he isn’t exactly at legend status that exempts you from having to worry about such things.

  3. intheknow Says:

    some points:

    – white wears embarrassingly tight shorts with huge kneepads while skating.

    – his helmet does not fit properly over his moppy head of bright red ginger hair.

    – these two things do not help his already disgusting style.

    – he appeared topless on the cover of rolling stone wearing his olympic medals. his pale freckled skin made millions of americans throw up in their mouths a little bit.

    – the dude is gross, in general.

    – don’t call your signature move “the armadillo.” if you want to name it something douche-y, call it “the white album” or “the white wash” or something.

  4. doomstation55 Says:

    The “flying tomato” is more snowboarder than anything (seeing as he has like 4 olympic gold medals, a feat which no skateboarder could/should have). His popularity is most certainly higher than even the “Birdman” in his prime, but this is for the snowboard aspect more so and it is known he skateboards as well. Also he’s a massive prick.

  5. art hellman Says:

    Once Bill and Ted arrive at school, they greet the popular kids, Randolf, Ox, Jody and Buffy (who happen to have the same names as the two kids in the old comedy series, Family Affair!) in the parking lot. While Bill and Ted greet them nicely, the popular kids treat them as a joke. Randolf even calls them “miscreants,” which Bill and Ted mistakenly take as a compliment.

  6. mick moss Says:

    i thought this was a skateboard blog? not the keyboard bile of a failed creative writing MFA student

    • Chuck Chew Says:

      Something sweet and savory–not bile–comes to mind when I read this blog. Your comments waste my time. I’m sorry your career as a high school English teacher has left you unsatisfied. It seems leaving trashy comments under a Google searched name helps reassure your brilliant existence. May we all pity Mick Moss and his degree in higher education.

      This is a skateboard blog. Please comment about skateboarding.

    • dedleg Says:

      You’d know a thing or two about keyboard bile, wouldn’t you, mick?

  7. Patrick Hughes (@TheePatHughes) Says:

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