10. Zach Funk – “Fuck Yinz Vol. 2”

We begin again, year’s top ten video parts in terms of tickling this blog site’s fancy.

Macrobrew flavoring for a limited distribution release, Zach Funk in this vid brings what you’d maybe call a skater’s skater something or other, starting with the first backside flip on flat. Which is to say there’s not a lot of flash to this part in terms of tricks, or spots or production value and for its purpose on this list that’s maybe a lot of the point. The woozy lean on the front blunt kickflip out stands over a million cleaner versions at better-lit spots filmed in HD and the floaty frontside pop-shove it reminded me of an old World Industries video though I couldn’t put a finger on which one or why exactly. Wrist cast, step-up rings, baggy hooded sweatshirt, he grasps the gangster powers of a frontside flip nosegrind and this dude also can do a good backside tailslide. Not knowing a lot about this vid I’m hoping it really did come out in calendar 2011 or else this year’s edition of the list will be off to a particularly rough start.

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5 Responses to “10. Zach Funk – “Fuck Yinz Vol. 2””

  1. intheknow Says:

    i dug the half-cab peterka revert at the end of that one line.

    • dick-in dick-out Says:

      I watched this part twice and both times I thought it woulda been so sick if he did a switch bs flip after that

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sick part.

    Wonder which Aaron Herrington part will get picked? (not sure when all those came out, but at very least Boneyard is a shoe in.)

  3. smorales Says:

    Never seen dis! Super good.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The old World vid – Enrique in Trilogy?

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