8. Wes Kremer – “Not Another Transworld Video”

TWS ran something billing Wes Kremer as a sorta Tom Penny heir, maybe down to the giant switch frontside flip and transition flippin and general sort of loopiness, but his first line here suggests he’s a little bit too hyper to fit the mold, what with running off the curb all cockeyed and whipping his board around and beelining for the red curb. What keeps this part really re-watchable I think is the range of different tricks he does on different shit — to roll the TWS idea further you could say he goes Muska on the hubba ledges, Reynolds on the gaps, Duffy on the moistened rail, maybe Jimmy Lannon on the hydrant? Between this section and his stuff in the Sk8Mafia video (watch the line at 3:01) Wes Kremer had a big year for sure and that pop shove-it noseslide out of the bowl in the TWS part still looks magical to me.

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4 Responses to “8. Wes Kremer – “Not Another Transworld Video””

  1. joshua ballew Says:

    Wes Kremer at number 8? Makes me wonder whose secured within the top five. Regardless, I have to agree with the comparisons to other pros with the addition of Kremer doing his best Duffy with a sick rail banger in the rain.

  2. ciaran Says:

    Love this guy, definite future SOTY.

  3. REID Says:

    best all around skater for sure

  4. thecarbonite Says:

    lol @ magick clothing tag

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