6. Brian Delatorre – “MIA”

Habitat might’ve been guilty of playing to type a little bit in putting on Brian Delatorre even going beyond the easy ponytail jokes, but if his MIA closer part didn’t goose his career trajectory somehow then things may have been in much worse shape for 2011 than they otherwise were. There’s maybe a handful of dudes out there taking the same sort of risks this guy does on hills and it’s always cool to see dudes who go for the gusto on set-up tricks, like here where he’s nollie flipping or nollie backside 180’ing up the curb before blasting off whatever handicap ramp. It’s nice to see use of the nollie varial flip down a gap and the way he keeps swinging at some well-worn SF spots. The ender fits that spot like a glove too.

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2 Responses to “6. Brian Delatorre – “MIA””

  1. Joshua Ballew Says:

    Can’t argue with appreciating the rare curb maneuvers Delatorre consistently puts forth. Additionally showing how proper varial flips are done warrants a spot on this list.

  2. Random Matt Says:

    I think this is the only part to come out this year that I’ve watched 3+ times

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