5. Tyler Surrey – “Sk8Mafia Video”

Look how much can happen in 20 years — Bill Clinton, the Backstreet Boys and the Atkins diet all rose to power and faded, as did Peter Smolik and Tom Petty in their own respective ways. If you woulda told me about 20 years back that “Last Dance With Mary Jane” one day would be used in what I’m assuming is only a semi-ironic nature to soundtrack a skate part, my 1993 self would’ve sneered and spat, but here we are, Smolik cast as a Southern Californian kingpin of some description whose board company has managed to nurture some of the heaviest hitting kids to come up. Tyler Surrey’s been marinating away for a few years but officially blows doors at the end of this “Sk8Mafia Video” a few months back, putting to work a switch flip that looks of the same bloodline as Arto’s and Nick Jensen’s and Mike Mo’s. My favorite tricks in this part (which kinda looks like one long careless summer in Europe) are the switch flip nose manual on the slanty block, the nollie heelflip over the bench, that nollie backside noseblunt of course and the last trick which really is worthy of Smolik in all the best ways. Still sort of hate the Tom Petty but watching Tyler Surrey cruise is worth it.

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3 Responses to “5. Tyler Surrey – “Sk8Mafia Video””

  1. intheknow Says:

    how about:

    – the line at those slanted-wall barriers with the benches in-between, especially the wallride pop out to backside nosebluntslide.

    – the fakie nosegrind revert in the school yard bench line.

    – nollie 270 nosemanual revert on the bank to block spot.


    – the judicious use of never/seldom seen spots, even in what appears to be popular locales.

  2. doomstation55 Says:

    i love seinfeld

  3. Francois Says:

    The line with the switch late shove! Brilliant.
    All those lines were awesome too, dude’s got talent.

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