1. Jake Donnelly – “Since Day One”

Jake Donnelly Real Since Day One Part from dlxsf on Vimeo.

In a time of faster and bigger Jake Donnelly out in San Francisco has been quietly making a case for smarts and finesse, putting together a snappy flick with some spring and light-footed landings. All his recent footage suggests he’s got a knack for running some of the best looking tricks, like backside smith grinds on ledges, frontside blunts, nollie backside noseblunt slides, b/s tailslides of course, a good hardflip, et cetera. His part in the Real vid, which early on includes one of the more boss backside shifty kickflips put out lately, is not available for free via Youtube or whatever and really needs to be seen with the bouncy Too Short song to get the full impact, so pasted above is an Adidas clip made by Dan Wolfe that has a really high switch kickflip over a table and a good manual trick. (Note: link to this clip now here.) No doubt the Real part, red bottoms and pom-pom beanies and all, got me more motivated to skate than any other one I seen this year.

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18 Responses to “1. Jake Donnelly – “Since Day One””

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Love this choice. Even though all of the video was very good, I have rewatched this part more so than any other.

  2. REID Says:

    Donnely has a great style and a classic bag of tricks, the archetype for a good street skater. I don’t think this part is the best of the year but definitely up there.

  3. - Says:

    Got it, you like young guys who pop their flatground flip tricks.

    Additionally, you are tripping majorly with the exclusion of Nick Boserio.

    • al Says:

      The Life Splicing stuff that’s come out has been fuckin’ gnarly. Boserio’s part was vicious. Good on ya!

  4. 411vm Issue 32's Ghost Says:

    Backin’ the pick. My fav part in the real vid. Blow da whistle!

  5. ATM Says:

    Hyped that this is the number one but where the fuck is Brad Cromer’s part?

  6. albert Says:

    i’d never pick this one, but i see your point.
    good watch on the bs smithgrind!
    i also liked the way he pops the kickflip out of that fs smith

  7. Joel Says:

    Agreed; everything in the SDO part is quality and thoroughly watchable. Lanky without lanky style, big snap without tweaking his body to contortionist degrees, and a big bag of tricks on a good variety of stuff.

  8. NS Says:

    Nick Boserio should’ve been in there. And speaking of Aussies Callum Paul needs an honorable mention:

  9. timfeeble Says:

    Thanks for these, I look forward to your top ten list every year.

  10. Joshua Ballew Says:

    Can’t argue with this selection for the top spot. Loved this part and everything I’ve seen of Donnelly since. Happy 2012 y’all!!!

  11. Rocuronium Says:

    I’m also thankful.
    Can we have a top twenty next year?


  12. snipe Says:

    great top ten but i liked each oof the other 9 more than this one

  13. dedleg Says:

    Yes, definitely a very great part. Took me by surprise too. I like Jake Donnelly in general but before the video came out he wasn’t high on my list of dudes on that team to pay attention to – now he is.

  14. - Says:

    I feel like Massimo Cavedoni is genuinely the best am on Real, and completely underrated. I don’t contest Ishod turning pro or anything, he’s a real magician and an earnestly unique skateboarder, but for me Massimo’s skating is both really technically good, and really smart – superficial Nor Cal barney reinvention aside. Jake Donnelly is obviously a powerhouse in a different way, but for me he’s also just kind of “solid”. Honestly, I don’t know where he can really go from here.

  15. jeremyrandall Says:

    DLX posted this today. Could your nomination possibly have anything to do with it???

  16. ojkosar Says:

    Can’t believe Jaws Happy Medium part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsynmwEWaN8 didn’t impress you enough to be listed. Shit was crazy good. Also, Tim Zom’s Skate Mental welcome video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=A4E3wuwEoBw was totally neato and tubular.

  17. Summertime Mixtape Vol. 10 – Adidas, ‘Greece’ | boil the ocean Says:

    […] run, Silas Baxter-Neal doing a load of tricks he probably still could do, and a pre-thickening Jake Donnelly, massively tweaking switch flips between sun-bleached boat rides, rubbery synthesizers and umbrella […]

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