Awake, Yall

Did yall see this one? P-Rod channels this blog website’s RSS feed into his preternaturally gifted feets and puts into action two of the recent mumblings, switch b/s tailsliding the Mission district’s 3-up-3-down and a pretty jaw-dropping commercial clip, smooshed together for the purpose of explaining Paul Rodriguez’ new alliance with Venture trucks. Whether this suggests Silver is on the block I have no idea, but all three tricks recorded for this clip are the type of top-drawer shit that makes Paul Rodriguez’s case for being one of the best skaters working, rather than just a dude who can do a lot of tricks. Could watch that SSBSTS over and over..

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11 Responses to “Awake, Yall”

  1. SP Says:

    Undeniably stoked on the SSBSTS all the while slightly disappointed he didn’t reach the end.

    I’d be haunted by that.

  2. Plat Says:

    I was disappointed he didn’t reach the end as well, but after another viewing, that ollie out is pretty damn proper, with only a couple of feet to go.

    • J-wU Says:

      i feel the same, hope he goes back and takes out the whole length of the stair.

      it is one hell of a pop out though^^

  3. Wally Says:

    Paul, you can’t park fight in front of the 3 up 3 down. It’s a bus stop lane. Land the trick and move your car before you get towed.

  4. A Tribe Called Incest Says:

    What happened to the Jag? A 300 is hardly a replacement.

  5. intheknow Says:

    guessing that 300 was a rental, bro. you think p-rod is driving from LA to SF?

    also, i too was initially disappointed in the not-reaching of the end, but the pop-out is proper as fuck.

  6. bubba_sparxxx Says:

    How cynical do you have to be to use Paris’ beat while driving that car…

  7. Ray Says:

    In my opinion, popping out over the stairs is one of the most stylish, un-P-Rod things I’ve ever seen P-Rod do. It would have been too easy to expect him to slide the whole thing because, P-Rod. That pop-out brightened my day in a hard-to-explain way.

    • dummbert Says:

      give me a try.
      in my point of view p-rod is a once stylish wunderkind that morphed into an emotionless skate roboter – the prototype for all those nyjahs, ortizs etc out there.
      anytime you see him/them show emotions, it has the awkward feeling of being cutted into the clip for the purpose of showing how much fun and passion these robots actually have for skateboarding,
      but when you see them skate there’s hardly any emotion or sketchyness.
      you have this image of private training facilitys and “taking it to the streets”,
      and suddenly the Ă¼berrobot does this sw back tail and pops out of it before reaching the end.
      if this and the nollie hardflip down those stairs were his whole online part, in would actually be interesting.
      brightest p-rod moment since in bloom!

    • pilot light Says:


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