Not at all sure what to make of this new Gino Iannucci ad, which I had to see a few different places to even fully believe was real this afternoon. He’s skating again, so obviously a plus. But first sequence out the gate in how long and it’s a two-tone ledge trick with a full b/s 360 by the end of the day? Guy Mariano must be sharing his vitamin water.

Nike’s emissaries promise some lengthy interview in the near future, but unless it involves passing dipped cigarettes with Jereme Rogers any explanation of how this sequence came to be will probably end up less than 100% satisfying. Don’t get me wrong though, this is pretty amazing..

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16 Responses to “Hrm”

  1. Watson Says:

    When Mariano made his comeback, he totally wasn’t the same person. All concept of good trick selection was completely thrown out of the window. Noseblunt nollie varial heel? Who are we watching, Dan Pageau?

    Sadly it seems to happen to many skaters who make a comeback after leaving skating for awhile. Perhaps it is a side effect of the “clarity” gained after kicking a substance abuse problem? Hopefully this doesn’t happen to Gino. The kickflip back 5-0 stall to fakie was dope.

    Maybe there’s some sort of post here paralleling bands that break up and reform for a new album or some shit like that?

  2. Plat Says:

    My guess is that Ianucci is back on and doing similar tricks to what his friends are doing (same goes/went for Mariano). Or it’s just what was on hand to run as an ad. Fuck it, we’ll all be gushing anyways if he puts out a full part.

  3. intheknow Says:

    just wish i had a pair of those blaze orange FCs from the backlip kickflip a few years ago…

  4. Dick Channey Jenguinen Says:

    Hopefully there will be no evil goatee footy in the next vid, but something tells me that if he’s skating around dorks like mj, guy and Kenny Anderson it’s all downhill from here (without having any actuall downhill footy). I need some fast push ,minimalist trick selection, cocaine cowboy probation footy filmed in New Jersey, that’s captured off a crappy camera.

  5. Rocuronium Says:

    I just remembered 3 of the best video parts from last year whicy didn’t even get an honorable mention: Stay Gold B-Sides from Figgy, Leo, and Westgate

  6. Ionz Says:

    SIck trick… it was cool when Darrell did it too @1:33 (I’m not being sarcastic, I like both):

    • John Says:

      dude. Did he butter his bread and then toast it? Is that even something people do? Stanton is tight. Dig his style a lot

  7. - Says:

    this one’s to noseslide, not a bunk-looking crooked grind

  8. - Says:

    **switch crook

  9. Magic Pizza Says:

    It would be cool if Gino and Guy shared a part in the chocolate video and there was an intro skit of them sharing a plate of spaghetti, and they get opposite ends of the same noodle and then they lock eyes and freeze and then the scene dissolves/transforms into a charming fresco painting.

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