Braydon Szafranski’s Personal Relationship With His Shoes Finally Catches Up To His Relationship With Women

Hubba interview, 2009:
You’ve got some guidelines when it comes to slayin’ babes. Can you lace the public with some of your game?
It’s not necessarily that you can’t blaze the same girl three times. I’m just so obsessed with skateboarding and I like to do whatever I want at any time. If you end up blazing a girl a few times you’re gonna end up catching feelings and it becomes a lot harder to look at somebody and not give a fuck. I feel like I’m such a kid still and I’ve got lots of traveling and things I need to do. I’m not ready to get tied down. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a girlfriend, but I see some homeys dealing with arguments and drama while they’re on the road cause their girl is pissed they’re out of town all the time. At this point in my life I need to be skateboarding, traveling, hanging with the homeys and partying. I don’t see how I could have feelings for or take care of somebody else when I can hardly take care of myself.

ESPN interview, 2012:
What happened with Emerica?
It was one of those things where we both went our separate ways. They had to make room for new kids and I was off on my own path and I felt like after 11 years it was time for a change and to see something new. The whole thing is that we’re still really close. That’s still my family. I still go on trips with Miner and everybody else. They have my back, I have theirs for life. We both had different views on different things and I needed to go see what was out there besides one thing for the rest of my life.

Do you have a new home already?
No, I don’t have one right now. At the moment I’m enjoying life. Right now I’m wearing a pair of Converse, yesterday was a pair of Vans and the day before that was some Supras. I actually get to wear everything I ever wanted to wear, all those shoes I’ve been staring at for years and thinking, ‘yeah, that’d be awesome to get a trick in.’

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9 Responses to “Braydon Szafranski’s Personal Relationship With His Shoes Finally Catches Up To His Relationship With Women”

  1. jr Says:

    How do you remember shit like this to reference?! Funny though.

  2. bote Says:

    generic tricks, forgettable parts. He seems fairly likeable, which might explain why he’s had the sucess he has… but I foresee no return to the salad days.

  3. John Says:

    yeah the only thing I remember about any of his anything was that he skated to Sabbath. Does seem like a fun dude to hang with though.

  4. JMH&%) Says:

    if i had a daughter, i’d want her to get blazed by that man child. the crystal ball reads like this: blazer keeps blazing well beyond his skate days (and that sun has nearly set), blazes the wrong girl, has a little blazer of his own and realizes that not only are the salad days gone but everyone stopped being interested. Here’s to cosmetic zippers on skateboard shoes….tongue wag….

  5. Tom Says:

    braydon seems like a total douchebag i’m glad he’s off emerica. i hope reynolds kicks him off baker so we don’t have to see another lackluster part from him in the new baker video. his parts in “this is skateboarding” and “baker 3” were pretty good, but his last couple parts were garbage.

    I remember reading this on quarter snacks a couple years back.

    “22. Brayden Szvgsavsyfferszki meets Tron Jenkins – 2008:
    In direct conflict with the often exaggerated, cool-guy, rock star, not-giving-a-fuck attitude exemplified by Death Wish and friends, Brayden encountered a harsh reality check outside of a dingy East 5th Street and 2nd Avenue establishment when he forgot that he was no longer in that awful cesspool of cultural degradation know as Hollywood, Califonia by greeting a fellow teammate with the phrase, “What’s up nigger?”

    “What the fuck did you say?” exclaimed Mr. Jenkins.

    “Yo dude, my bad, I’m really sorry yo,” replied the shaken, dress-wearing degenerate with a look of concern distinctly nestled above the bat bellow his eyes.

    “You can’t be fucking talking out here like that,” said Mr. Jenkins.

    “I know man, my bad. Sorry, dude. Yo, what’s you name man? I’m Brayden.”

    “I met you five minutes ago. Get the fuck out of my face.””

  6. mds Says:

    Pulling out that reference was sweet. The ” other fish ” picture is masterful.

  7. tonecapone Says:

    its getting way predictable now.another team rider is on best part of ten years or more.there big for a while saying and doing what they can get away with.then bang there not in fashion any more to be sold to the kids so they get the boot.sometimes it happens to really undeserving people,dc and pj ladd anyone>.iam not down with the punk,girls pants fools.get wenning and sanchez back.

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