How Many Months Do Yall Give Nick Trapasso’s Company With The Misspelled Name?

Probably it’s yet another sign of getting older and higher strung when looking at the newly launched Life Extention Skateboard Group LLC and wondering not so much at its lifespan as much as the fact that it came together in the first place — when bros ten years older no doubt mumbled and grumbled the same thing about a decade back, around the unsteady unveiling of Baker. Say what you will about the various and sundry looks pursued by Jim Greco in the years since, but the Baker Bootleg boys bottled and guzzled the lightning of a very particular aesthetic that proved a lot longer-lived than many would’ve thought.

I’m not sure what the Life Extention crew got together for the trade show, but they did approve a quote for a press release last month:
“The Life Extention Skateboard Group looks forward to working together with Blitz, to create an essential skateboard brand. Extend it,” said Trapasso.

As a fan of the recently rejailed Lennie Kirk and respecter of risk-taking, the blog is compelled to acknowledge guts, and the life-extenters look to be packing them — spearheaded by one of the industry’s spaciest cadets, sporting a misspelled name*, co-signed by malcontent recluse J Strickland, formed in the middle of an economic slow patch that’s steadily separating the old and infirm from the pack. Not that I’d begrudge the existence of a Tom Cruise-inspired company backed by some of the finer kickflippers to fumble a tattoo gun in recent years, with the laid-back gumption to make good on the vow to deal decks out of their garage. If anything more of these kinds of shots oughtta be taken, even if the target’s invisible through a cloud of smoke and barrier of beer cans, to balance out the Business Plans For Dummies 2nd Edition strategizing and and paint-by-number logo decks pumped out each season. And what if they do blow it? Those early Big Brothers command classic status, and it was all those dudes could do to get issues out every couple months back then.

*Do you believe they did it that way on purpose?

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14 Responses to “How Many Months Do Yall Give Nick Trapasso’s Company With The Misspelled Name?”

  1. REID Says:

    Terrible name. If they have decent graphics and put out footage fairly often I think they will be okay.

  2. SiSePuede Says:

    Friends in and around LBC are claiming Neen is quitting Deathwish by year’s end for LE, and Antuan Dixon joining them as well. Sinsquad!

  3. m477 Says:

    If it lasts a year I’ll be in shock.

  4. smorales Says:

    I think every skater should start their own company. Why not?

  5. Eternal Adolescence (@DonutSizzle) Says:

    I’m not sure what to think about this. I don’t see the appeal personally, but who the fuck am i, really?

  6. overwhelmed skateboard consumer Says:

    how many potheads does it take to start a skateboard company?

  7. Sonny Says:

    One of the funniest posts, loved it.
    I’m not sure how this will pan out but best of luck to them.

  8. Nick Trapasso Says:

    fuck all of yous

    • bote Says:

      hey now, does this mean bto isn’t your niche market?
      If this is a labour of love (i.e. not just a “career” move) then yeah, fuck all of us and sincerely, good luck to you. But if this is supposed to be a “power move” , even better graphics can’t save you. Have fun.

  9. Guile De Leon Says:

    I don’t know but I really hate that neff logo.

  10. . Says:

    Damn skating is filled with fuck ass gigantic corporations with no flavor and half of you sound like you want these dudes to fail. I too say good luck and I predict they’ll do well.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    There’s really no reason to hate on this or want this to fail. If you do, then you’ve pretty much reached bitter old man status. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bitter old man who pretty much hates kids, but I can see the value in this. If they do it right maybe it really could be the next Baker. The kids still “luh dat shit” and I can see why Blitz would do this seeing as they just lost Baker, trying to bottle lightning twice and so forth and some shit. And misspelling is cool, you know fucc cops n shit. Anyways I hope it works out and haters always gonna hate. Suck a dick.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    LE is fucking boss

  13. B.fried Says:

    Im backin LE. I think the whole brand and idea is pretty hi tide

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