Cup Fulla Beetlejuice

It seems like it’s been a little while since we seen one of those curveball tricks that gave Stefan Janoski another couple dimensions past just being a style-killer type during his lengthy come up from “Alone” onwards — since “Nothing But The Truth” you sometimes got the feeling he was operating under some legal obligation to represent the espresso swirling, fine food tasting, mahogany wood sniffing lifestyle represented by his premium boat shoes. But the above trick, which comes out of the recent Habitat catalogue and is the first time I can think of seeing this move on a hubba ledge, moves back toward the line of thinking that produced big switch b/s shifties and those backside tailslides on top of the curb, Scott Johnston style. Anybody else take this down a hubba to fakie like that?

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17 Responses to “Cup Fulla Beetlejuice”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Radical maneuver.

  2. Zottli Says:

    Bonkers, I was just re-watching his parts in the habitat videos for the first time in years earlier this evening and was thinking about how neat his bi-directional 180 to di-sided nosegrind dealies were.

  3. fakofaj Says:

    He also did this trick in one of Berrics montages couple of months ago. I think he also has this trick in a line on a ledge in Alone.

  4. alt liquor Says:

    has anyone fuct wit this trick since mouse-era mariano?

    • J-wU Says:

      guy does it from fakie in mouse? I don’t think anyone does it nollie in mouse. The add above, is it to fakie 5-0 or some kinda crook?

  5. al Says:

    The caption in the ad says it’s to switch nosegrind.

    Man oh man I can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can go scrub the ground with my body!

  6. bukabuka Says:

    be real tho

    that ain’t a hubba ledge, that’s a “ledge that goes down, and down stairs”. or whatevs. hubba ledge definitely means that the mf is as high as handrail or higher.

  7. m477 Says:

    Mini hubba.

  8. Art Vandelay Says:


  9. Party Barge Says:

    his switch nosegrind in Transworld skate and create was heavy

  10. A Tribe Called Incest Says:

    Biebel does a 180 out at the very end of this video from tampa pro 2011

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone notice that Tim O’Connor didnt have a new board for the Spring line?? All his boards in the catalog are from the fall/winter….

  12. Inhabitant Says:

    Amazed at the amount of Habitat content that ends up on here. For a minute I thought BTO was actually Suciu, he has a way with the pen, er keyboard. While at times it’s hard to decipher your code rest assured we are working on a online catalog.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Tony Ferguson does one in Mouse if I am not mistaken.

    • Francois Says:

      That’s right, and Janoski did a backside nollie switch frontside crooks in a line in Alone.
      Saw Biebel and Jensen do those easily, with a revert though (like a nollie 360 with a quick bouncy nosegrind in the middle), at a demo. Different trick, I know.

  14. A Tribe Called Incest Says:

    Janoski does the same trick shuv out in the transworld first love montage to the velvet underground.

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