Has Ryan Reyes Found A New Place To Hide Cheese On A Pizza?

Straight out the dungeons of skate/lifestyle photography curated over at the Thrasher blogs comes this curiosity offered by Ryan Reyes, which looks like some kind of boardslide-bonk of the transfer persuasion. They call it a “railie.” Continuing this week’s celebration of Creature’s many mutations, have yall ever seen this move before, or know what it’s supposed to be otherwise called? Carving out new trick territory five decades puts dudes on HM Stanley/Dr Livingstone levels, but maybe I missed this one the first time around. Here’s a second take, to fakie. Sweet

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3 Responses to “Has Ryan Reyes Found A New Place To Hide Cheese On A Pizza?”

  1. Templeton Elliott Says:

    I just came across video of the “railie” in question. Still baffled…

  2. OaklandPete Says:

    I guess its just a boardslide transfer where the transfer happens before the board even starts sliding. Seems like a new trick to me. Damn.

    And are we all just going to pretend that Red Bull didn’t orchestrate some preteen doing a 1080?

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