Summertime Mixtape #2: Cairo Foster “Real to Reel”

Cairo Foster was a great ambassador for Real because he did such a good job straddling the technical stuff that burned the Bay into the map in the early/mid-90s and the heavier, trick-centric movement brought on during the hammer area, but he never came off as too worked up about either one. Around the time this video came out I remember seeing Cairo Foster skate a sweaty July demo in a warehouse with the garage doors all pulled up, where he was the sole dude to hit up the big handrail from the awkward side and backside tailslid it to boot, an impressively off-kilter trick that squares with the way he gets this part moving with that ollie over the block to backside noseblunt. This section’s less cinematic than Cairo Foster’s big breakout role in TWS’s ‘the Reason’ but probably a better representation of what he was about at the time, scanning some well loved SF spots, the early years of his long-running love affair with the nollie hardflip and a beaut of a switch backside flip over the library channel. Recall watching this video often from a folding chair in a sparsely furnished apartment that also featured a mattress on the floor and clothes arranged into piles; on another day I maybe would’ve picked Nate Jones’ section in this same release.

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6 Responses to “Summertime Mixtape #2: Cairo Foster “Real to Reel””

  1. never ending math equation Says:

    The funny thing about Cairo is how many times he left A company for greener pastures and no one in the industry seems to have a bad thing to say about him. Usually the fellows that Come and go too frequently are frowned upon, but he always has a smile and his skating is still powerful and true.

    • Cairo Foster Says:

      Just saw this blog…thanks for the kind words “never ending”. There have definitely been ups and downs from many of the companies I’ve ridden for, but in the end I try my best to be up front and honest with the people I’ve worked and skated with and if I leave a company I’m not there to bad mouth them because these are my friends at the end of the day.

  2. art hellman Says:

    his wheels of fortune (feat. doods jumping in the hallway) is still my favorite of his…embodies an era so to say.

  3. t.a. Says:

    And Modest Mouse! And Seth Cheeks!

    I dunno if it’s the sweat stains or the way his switch looks switch, but I always liked that he comes across as a working-class pro. He’s got respect because he’s earned it through his skating.

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