Summertime Mixtape #5: Lucas Puig “Bon Appetit”

With its Mediterranean breezes and expansive vineyards, France can be an easygoing place, illustrated herein by the major-production video debut of the nation’s favorite four-wheeled son in Cliche’s “Bon Appetit,” set to a freewheeling Zappa jangler. Back when this came out–not that long ago really, but seems like a while ago–people began drawing comparisons between young Puig and Mouse-era Mariano, and while these comparisons haven’t borne out over time given both dudes’ eventual embrace of tricky ledge combos, they did wind up endorsing the same kind of shoes, so the possibility remains that some of those original comparison-drawers were psychic. I was and remain ‘psyched’ regarding a lot of the relatively simple but well-chosen moves in this part, namely the kickflip backside shifty, the fakie frontside flip off the wedge, those backside noseblunt variations on the little banked ledge, the spin on the switch 360 flip over the channel and the smattering of dork tricks in the middle. Lucas Puig tapdances across sculpture gardens and sunny public spaces, plus there’s a JB Gillett feature, without which no summer can really be complete. In closing, we hope you have enjoyed this rare run of several posts across consecutive days, or at least the video clips.

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5 Responses to “Summertime Mixtape #5: Lucas Puig “Bon Appetit””

  1. REID Says:

    He is the best

  2. Tibs Says:

    Lucas had already been on Lakai when this came out ! there was just a brief episode with a shoe brand coming from Cliché (Link) during the filming of BA, but it didn’t last. JB had a pro model on link by the way…

  3. art hellman Says:

    REID is the best

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “fakie frontside flips”???

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I feel like it’s the flatfooted push that really draws those two guys together in my eyes. Kind of awkward, mostly awesome.

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