Technology Rolls Steadily Forward, And As We Contemplate The Coming Girl/Choco Video, We Contemplate Also The Idea Of Being Steamrolled Or Jumping Into The Steamroller’s Cab Alongside Ty Evans

The 1990 “Brady Bunch” reunion/reboot is recalled as a triumph of broadcast television, surpassing lofty expectations set by the artistry of the original series and hauling in ratings that shamed and embarrasses the Superbowls and Little League World Series of that day. The fog of time and extremely singular nature of the event have obscured though the massive risks taken by the artisans and business hounds who plotted it all, with plenty of chewed fingernails and nervously cracked knuckles early on as decades-deep devotees feared and fretted whether that long-ago magic could be rekindled or whether the whole endeavor would amount to so much bodily fluid sprinkled atop a beloved legacy, never again to be un-sprinkled.

Did the Crailtappers pluck Ty Evans from the TWS camp with the knowledge that he would over the next decade bear on his shoulders the burden and associated emotional message-board baggage of carrying forward a video franchise regarded as helping to set the high bar for the 1990s’ great video rethink? Only Rick Howard’s personal psychic knows for sure, but pluck they did, extending into the 00’s a second rethink driven not by any particular evolution in craft, such as the embrace of the streets as an ipecac-like reset button following the excess of the neon-and-spandex drenched vert era, but instead by the gradual availability of cheaper/better technology and software that within a few years erased much of the distance between Jamie “Mouse” Mosberg and any hometown heroes dredging their local skatepark hip for Youtube-ready NBDs that can involve front-foot impossibles.

Ty Evans’ output suggests a subscription to the school of thought that says “what got you there will keep you there,” in this case referring to a deep, loving embrace of the newest camera models, rigged filming gizmos, lots of effects and filler shots and emotive techno music. Transworld’s Evans-helmed productions had all these in spades of course plus some other tricks including the sometimes-attempted but never well-advised fast-forward/rewind motion in Danny Gonzalez’s “Reason” part, as well as the voiceovers, an interesting innovation that somehow wore out its welcome after 10 years. Going with Ty Evans was an intriguing look for Girl/Choco at the time, given that vids like “Mouse” never had much in the way of slow-mo (perhaps because they’d seen the lackluster results elsewhere at the time) but also cuz somebody reading between the lines could take the old pogo-stick skit in “Goldfish” as an indictment of the high-pressure, high-production regime that dudes in “Fully Flared” wearily recounted after it came out five years back.

Around 2000 though you could say Girl was shopping for a new identity, putting on the gap and rail-minded youngsters who would constitute the torch picker-uppers of “Yeah Right” and “Fully Flared.” It’s tough though, for someone who saw the influence wielded by Carroll/Koston/Howard/Mariano/et al in the 1990s to have felt the same impact from the next-genners with the possible exception of Paul Rodriguez or Rick McCrank, and efforts to extend the super-team rep into the tech-gnar era brought on a mixed spread of amateurs through the Torrance offices that included Jereme Rogers.

For a company whose founding principles included not taking themselves or their skating too serious the post-Modus presentation sounded a little off-key too–the Jonze/Howard sensibility was still there in some of the skits, but especially come “Fully Flared” that stuff took a back seat to high-definition cameras, elaborate filming contraptions and slow-motion explosions. Myself I never had any real gripe with the recorded skating material, but the sanctimonious way it got put together — behold, I give unto you this trick, slowed down and then sped up and then slowed down again; below these bros, with a follow-up high-five and/or running and throwing down the board as a segue to the next clip — seemed miles away from powersliding down the yellow lane-divider lines. Here we will submit that it was no coincidence that the technology-embracing, filler-friendly and emotion-emphasizing directorship of Ty Evans dovetailed with a high-water mark in technical ledge skating that’s inspired some of the current wave of “power” skating by way of backlash, and the Crailtap camp are fans like the rest of us, investing in tall-sock wearers Raven Tershy, Elijah Berle, Alex Olson and Vincent Alvarez over the last couple years.

How then does this dynamic, call it Pappalardo-Flared vs Mariano-Flared, inform the cobbling-together of the coming Girl/Choco feature “Pretty Sweet”? The recently released preview suggests the answer is, not much, or maybe not much different than before. We are previewed some HD video, solid bro-ing footage*, some real painfully slow mo, some emotive techno music** and, if past performance is any future indicator, a release date that is prone to being pushed back. Interestingly, though, if Ty Evans continues to stick to what got him here the likely complainers such as myself will face an interesting conundrum similar to those who wish for “The Simpsons” to be cancelled in defense of the first nine seasons’ legacy — the era of Ty Evans-led Crailtap video productions at this point would at least in terms of years far outstrip what old-timers regard as the classic age, steadily shrinking in the rear-view mirror..

*Major fan of the doubles action, btw
**Bear in mind that while we grouse about emotive techno music, and with good reason, blanket criticisms of Crailtap video productions fronted by Ty Evans were rendered null and void forevermore after “Fully Flared” included a song from the Mannie Fresh solo CD.

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15 Responses to “Technology Rolls Steadily Forward, And As We Contemplate The Coming Girl/Choco Video, We Contemplate Also The Idea Of Being Steamrolled Or Jumping Into The Steamroller’s Cab Alongside Ty Evans”

  1. intheknow Says:

    you forgot:

    ***new gino footage in that clip (lunchbreak ignored)

  2. OaklandPete Says:

    “Great skating nearly ruined by Ty Evans” is what’s coming. No way around it.

  3. Cos Says:

    Bitter Sweet

  4. Joel Says:

    Is there nothing more rewarding than waxing poetic about something as nonsensical/useless as the professional skateboard world? I could kill a week straight… a BTO homage:

  5. hurricane helen Says:

    girl/choco began to lose it’s soul when mccrank got on. cory kennedy and sean malto are just glaring today.

  6. Plat Says:

    The four seconds of excruciating slo-mo on the cab must be summed up as Ty Evans self-parody.

    It’ll never happen, but if only there could be an Aaron Meza cut of the movie. His edits still have the whimsy (in a good way) that the old pre-Ty flicks had.

    • al Says:

      i find myself rewatching mezas stuff all the time. there’s still loads of gnarly skating in it and its way more palatable for me. the fun factor should not be overlooked. useless wooden toys ya dig

  7. Anonymous Says:

    necessary evil. if he can get them off the crail couch and away from the gym, instagram, and vegetable juice bars, then he can do all the slo-mo he wants.

  8. m477 Says:

    Its gonna be a great vid. I don’t get all the Ty Evans complainers. Quality is always top notch.

    People should be bitching about the terrible trend of heavily over-exaggerated camera movements. Im sure everyone has seen it where the fisheye is all over the place, moving as quick as the board itself. Doesn’t matter how steady or smooth the camera work is, it completely ruins the footage (unless you slomo it) and makes the viewer dizzy. Same with over-zealous zoom ins and outs from the long shot. Filming seems to be a lost art these days.

    • Brovstoyesky Says:

      I like the camera work in those magenta videos…would like to see that dude guest directing some clips for girl/choc.

  9. mds Says:

    Pinpoint laser touché as usual of course.

    Will someone please take on the challenge and explain the illustration/video game reference?

    • Brovstoyesky Says:

      its the google image result when you search “Technology Rolls Steadily Forward, And As We Contemplate The Coming Girl/Choco Video, We Contemplate Also The Idea Of Being Steamrolled Or Jumping Into The Steamroller’s Cab Alongside Ty Evans”

  10. dedleg (@dedleg) Says:

    “girl/choco began to lose it’s soul when mccrank got on. cory kennedy and sean malto are just glaring today.”

    I disagree in part – not a huge fan of Cory Kennedy or Malto, but McCrank, at least these days, kind of embodies everything I like/once liked about Girl. Doesn’t take himself or the industry too seriously, loves skating even though you don’t see tons of footage of him, simultaneously dorky and cool, and I think his style has really evolved ever since he started skating tons of transition over the big rails and stair sets that dominated his earlier career.

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