In Which We Try And Resolve A Potential Identity Crisis Afflicting The Streets, Or At Least Make It Easier To Develop A Lasting Meme

Attention aspiring action-sport marketing honchos and brand-managers* — some years ago in this web space, Boil the Ocean Canteen and Cookery Unltd. challenged readers to design a caption for a pic of Adelmo Jr and his free-range dreadlocks. Today a more stringent and perilous challenge is posed to all. In years past the industry has ushered in ATVs, ledge-dancers and cellar doors, but somehow a more recent fashion of skating, some examples collected above, seems to have wandered up ledges, over the backs of handrails and elsewhere generally unnamed. The other day I struggled with this and clumsily thought to myself “it’s gotta be fast and powerful. Something like, um, “power skating”, but not so lame.” So I used power skating. Yall can do better I bet, what is this subgenre called?

*read: box-packers able to heed the call of the clock-radio alarm

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51 Responses to “In Which We Try And Resolve A Potential Identity Crisis Afflicting The Streets, Or At Least Make It Easier To Develop A Lasting Meme”

  1. sk8goat Says:

    I just refer to the “real men of skateboarding”, soulful pioneers of our moving street art.

  2. george Says:

    There is something classic/timeless about this approach as well, that sequence of Alex and the picnic table will be sick 10 years from now, more so than say P Rod late flipping out of a nollie crook on a small ledge or Kalis front foot impossible out of a fakie 5-0. This is manly shit, and its appreciated most by older guys, but “man style” sounds sketchy…I don’t see anything wrong with just calling it power skating.

  3. arthellman Says:

    it’s just simply “shredding”

  4. Wiley Says:

    George is on the right track.

    “Man skating” sums it up real nice. This approach to skateboarding is not for the faint of heart.

  5. SP Says:

    It’s definitely just pure street skating, but “pure street” sounds too commercial primarily for sounding like the X-Games’ or Dyrdek Enterprises’ latest endeavor to try and win our hearts.

    It’s puristic absolutism.

  6. m477 Says:

    Keep them knees up.

  7. john Says:

    chest hair gnar

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Man Skating

  9. george Says:

    It’s elite level too, the type of skating that separates the top guys from everyone else. You learn to ledge dance first, then you say hell with it and just ollie the whole picnic table longways and shut down the session instantly.

  10. XM Says:

    its all skateboarding. why do we need a name for this “new” style? watch chris senn skate in jump off a building. thats “man style” if ive ever seen it. and thats just one example. people have been skating like this for years and its never been looked at as a sub genre, so why do we have to start calling it something now? i think people are tired of seeing dudes like p rod and shane oneal flip in and out of switch back tails for an entire part. those guys are amazing skaters, but everything they do looks so robotic. i totally would rather watch someone go fast through the streets and ollie over big stuff than watch some ledge monkey do video game tricks, but ill still watch any type of skating because i love skating. any way you look at it, its all skateboarding and its all awesome (unless youre talking about long boarding, then i dont give a shit). you dont need to name it. just enjoy it.

  11. XO Says:

    If this is the opposite end of the spectrum from ‘robotic’ skating then you should probably call this ‘jock’ skating: Bigger, faster, farther …
    And probably one of the best and earliest practitioners would be Reese Forbes. And then I guess the next logical assumption is that someone like Tory Pudwill has his feet planted firmly in both camps. Goddamn, I love skating.

  12. george Says:

    I love skating too, especially this type hence my multiple posts. Have to respectfully disagree that this is “jock” skating though. I think that another thing this type of skating as going for it is that in most of those photos, a creative eye is being employed. No one has ollied the table that way, no one had done that wall ride, or gone up that Busenitz ledge. I’d say that training on skatepark ledges and perfecting your switch back tail is much more jock style than this. I would also argue for Sheffey or Hufnagel being an earlier practitioner of this style than Forbes.

    • bote Says:

      Kien Lieu?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Wasn’t he mostly just a big ollie guy though? This new crop of man skaters gets tech and creative with it. Its the best trend skating has had in years.

      • A.o. Says:

        He is a big ollie guy and so are all the people in the pictures above. Kien definitely.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I think that Gonz is actually a better comparison. Because when I think of someone like Busenitz or Jake Johnson I don’t just think “big” like I do with the Donger or Forbes. Its just a part of their skills, they also all go fast big and can get tech.

  13. c.c. Says:

    street barging

  14. timmytoothless Says:


  15. Anonymous Says:

    Gigantic skating, for me, a big big love.

  16. A.o. Says:

    Ollie pop style? All those tricks require a lot of pop and its a nice homage to one of the originals: HUF.

    Also why isnt there any photo of brandon westgate in that set? Hes the current top shelf power skater. also some historical references like natas, chris senn, huf, jeremy wray, ricky oyola, lenny kirk, matt hensley, sheffy, ave. That would be nice.

  17. pilot light Says:

    kind of like ‘knees up’

  18. Clement Greenberg Jr. Says:

    the Open Air School of skateboarding? Which is to say, guys who shun training facilities.

  19. al Says:

    “keep it simple, stupid” skating

  20. djtwit Says:


  21. rat fink Says:

    i like “barging”

  22. wardo Says:

    They used to call Huf “Thundercalves” . Let’s call it Huffing.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Olympian skating. Higher/longer/faster. Completely eschewing technical prowess in favor of pure athletic ability

  24. t.a. Says:

    I have no ‘names’ for you, but this reminds me a bit of Josh Kalis. Can’t remember what vid, but the clip was in his Epicly Laterd series, episode 3. Anyway, 360 flip over a trashcan off of what Jamie Thomas called, ‘the world’s smallest bump.’

  25. dedleg (@dedleg) Says:

    Boost Mobile?

  26. Prof. Philburt Says:

    I sometimes call coffee “brown poop water,” does that work?

  27. Raji Says:

    It’s just amazing skating. And like someone else said, its no thing new. Just watch frankie hills part in ban this from 89, og hucker who should make the list.
    To me Chris Cole is like a jock skater rather than your Brandon westgates and grant taylors etc. Those guys have style aswell and don’t have a shitty training regime vibe.

  28. IMPO Says:

    Daryl Angel is not power. He has nothing to offer. If he was a color he would be beige.

    • al Says:

      daryl fucking rules. his natural style is so effortless and uncontorted that, yes, it may sometimes seem bland and understated in comparison to gilbert’s body spasms (which also rule). if you wanna talk beige, try mikey taylor.

      • breath mummy Says:

        I agree with the Mikey Taylor thing. Dill mentioned somewhere that he wasn’t cookie cutter – what? No.

        The front feeble to tail and his really long crooked grinds are rad, but everything else he does is pretty much the first trick you would think to do at a spot.

  29. isaiah. (@isaiahk_) Says:


  30. Jaysus Says:

    I’ve already been calling it power skating since your previous post.

  31. Chris Says:

    Space Monkeying

  32. jr Says:

    As far as I can tell, big ollies aren’t the main point of this post, its the new approach to old terrain. Going up rails and hubbas etc.

    I like the term barging.

  33. bote Says:

    it ocurred to me that maybe Keegan Sauder helped spark this

  34. Nics Says:

    Down River Barging

  35. mxy Says:

    UTE Skating. “Up To Eleven.”

  36. MandrewFack Says:

    It’s called thrashin. just watch the movie Thrashin’

  37. QuaiDon Says:

    As thee thee would probably agree, its that next level shit

  38. BigMan Says:

    I remember someone calling this breed of skater the ‘new power generation’.

  39. Clinton Says:

    I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading extremely slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end?
    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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