Supra Has Stevie Williams Riding The Bench

Incendiary click-bait topic title aside, not a great deal to see here other than a much fantastic photo of Stevie Williams in this ad for his Supra signature model footwear. Enjoy that this photo doesn’t clonk you over the head with a big fisheye angle showing how high the bench is, kinda like Stevie Williams’ strictly basics attire here, the whole idea seems to be take it or leave it. A dude cracking an awesome trick as he goes down the sidewalk, on his way to wherever. The Hollywood squares sidewalk kind of threw me at first but this is a worthwhile entry in this internet site’s long-running love affair with the switch frontside noseslide and from a veteran practitioner. There are plenty pro-types whose off-board months and years carry the whiff of wasted time but Stevie Williams always has seemed to be genuinely operating in the background, to whatever end, and really looking forward to his section in this long-discussed DGK video.

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8 Responses to “Supra Has Stevie Williams Riding The Bench”

  1. REID Says:

    Lakai Telford, just sayin…

  2. m477 Says:


  3. George Says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of anyone really looking forward to the DGK video.

  4. hj Says:

    He’s gonna have absolutely nothing in any new video ever, I don’t have a problem with that to be clear, but let’s not kid ourselves.

  5. Joshua Ballew Says:

    I knew I had seen that shoe before. Etherway it’s nice to see that Stevie is STILL killing it after all this time. If you’ve seen any footage of him at LOVE than there is really no need to anticipate a new video, skateboarding really doesn’t get better than that.

  6. Joshua Ballew Says:

    ^^^ Either way* ^^^

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i too am looking forward to the DGK video. hopefully something a bit different than the recent slew of emo, overproduced, terrible-soundtrack-having, Dylan Reider pants-wearing clone, videos. the DGK roster has style for miles and a bunch of different skating type guys, along with plenty of doses of legend (Marcus!!!!).

  8. Mike Says:

    Wouldn’t be caught dead rockin them moon boots but mad spect for Stevie he’s changed the game

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