Diced Pineapples II

Taking another run at this as the prior attempt to lay out this idea didn’t get all the way there and, lord knows Maybach Music Group isn’t afraid to go back to the well.

The thinking was, has somebody done a wallride (90-degree wall, off a flat surface/sidewalk/etc) and then grinded (say a 50-50 or 5-0) the top of the wall, with wheels remaining generally in the wallride position? The Jordan Sanchez, Stefan Janoski and Silas ones referenced in the previous episode of ‘Diced Pineapples’ all involve a bank up to the wall, gnarly though they all be. The Forest Kirby one is pretty close, and very gnarly indeed, but had been visualizing more like a grind that locks in briefly on a square ledge. Danny Sargent’s in 1281 and the bro in the ‘Welcome to Hell’ friends section both kind of end up transitioning to the top of the ledge, I’m thinking more sitting sideways.

This dude is on my wavelength: “… a normal bs crooked grind could be an unnormal fs nosegrind. daewon could probably do it …”

Thinking like the Jake Johnson pic above, except if his trucks were about eight inches higher, scratching at the top of the wall. Thanks for bearing with me yall

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15 Responses to “Diced Pineapples II”

  1. Bossman Says:

    If they have not yet, Ryan Reyes & Choad Raybourn are on it. Proof, i do not have, although they both are grinding out ledges, and going in all 4 wheels on wall – wallride in, if you will.

  2. dreezlebub Says:

    http://youtu.be/FzHHCUxeyrE 0:58

  3. jeremy Says:

  4. Rich Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDDyVk10HkY @ 1:21. Spanky doesn’t get all the way on top of the ledge.

  5. bob loblaw Says:

    what about that dude that slappied clipper? i guess it’s not what you’re looking for either, but it’s still gnar gnar.

  6. fitt Says:

    you gotta grind it like tranny and drop back in to the wall vert, slashes should count

  7. questionable Says:

    a wallride to bs tailslide (which would be an unnormal fs bluntslide) would be sweet.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    highest slappy contest in older king of the road challenges

  9. Mauricio Magaldi (@mauriciomagaldi) Says:

    http://vimeo.com/49030054 around 2:22, it’a wallie to boardslide.

  10. questionable Says:

    if the nrml bs tailslide is regarded as an unnrml fs bluntslide daewon could not only kickflip out of the bs tailslide as usual but also kickflip out of the unnrml fs bluntslide onto the curb. probably to nose manual. turn your notebook 90° to the right while looking at the picture helps.

  11. Julian Says:

    Not in the same way, but Tim Jackson fucks with a wall pretty good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw7JLeRcAXE

  12. Alex Says:

    How about the ender in the Politic promo?http://vimeo.com/50362241?

  13. Diced Pineapples III: Nightmares, Dreamscapes And Wallrides To 50-50s | boil the ocean Says:

    […] still in the horizontal/wallride position. It was in many ways a simple dream that nonetheless required multiple entries to poorly articulate, and then it spun unto the ether like so many twisted cigarette butts, flung from a novelty ashtray […]

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