Who Will Win The Great 2012 SOTY Race, Potentially The Final SOTY Determination For All Eternity, If The Ancient Mayans Are To Be Believed?

Fall officially is upon us and the crispening air is thick with rumor and innuendo as professional bros vie to acquire SOTY status in what could be humankind’s final trip around our sun, depending on whether or not you subscribe to certain apocalyptic theories. This site, which previously floated a bunk theory regarding Freddy Gall potentially being awarded a small golden figurine wearing a backward golden hat and short pants, is not so cocksure as to entirely rule out a galactic realignment racking our beloved magnetic poles on Dec. 21, upending convention and fermenting a cataclysm alongside several shortages of encased meats. There are some who say the recent projections of a 2013 bacon shortage may represent an early warning sign.

In keeping with this internet page’s longstanding tradition of a stiffened upper lip we nevertheless brush off certain galactic problems and consider probable front-runners for this year’s SOTY.

Justin Figueroa, alleged front-runner, has all of the stringy hair, yellowy teeth and poor hygiene choices that represent hallowed wishstones of the Thrasher lifestyle, and he has given generously of his volatile handrail riding unto Jake Phelps & co this year and those past — his 50-50 to ollie out over the steps in that Lizard King roadtrip series was some straight video game nonsense and expectations for his section in the (Thrasher exclusive, natch) upcoming Baker Boys production are riding high, particularly after he clear-cut much of the stockpile from his recent ad photo archive for the Shake Junt vid late last year.

Nyjah Huston has on offer a largish contest win in his Street League championship and a reality TV show-worthy redemption song narrative to sell, if Thrasher is buying, though you may prefer to believe their executives in the market for more unrated fare such as the XYZ video or the Menace “Epicly Later’d.” Cutting the dreads and ties to his dad-manager may have helped and Nyjah Huston no doubt pushes the big tricks, but his major video part moment was late 2011, and does Thrasher care about big-money contests as opposed to their own small-stakes, spot-specific ventures?

Vincent Alvarez seems in certain ways like he should be a readymade Thrasher success story, multidisciplined, not too beholden to fussy technical skating and traditionally clad in work pants. “Pretty Sweet” and the Skate Sauce vid represent a tall-pour rail drink elixir that ought to put him at least in the conversation. He’s not flown too far beneath the Thrasher radar, running the year’s first cover for Lakai’s KOTR win. One downside, he may not have enough tattoos.

David Gonzales is a young aggressor with boss moves, a Thrasher cover photo and the near-requisite web-exclusive video part complete with Judas Priest, copious black denim and various throw-up-the-horns poses. There’s no point denying the high-test handrails he gets on, even if he does some of the time wind up basically steering backside onto a previously frontsided obstacle with not a lot of other imagination at work. If I had a vote I’d have a hard time casting it for him, though his video part last month is real good and for sure the best thing yet he’s documented, but then again, I don’t.

Mark Suciu can be the sleeper submission, spending the past year-plus roving the countryside, oozing tricks and video footage as he ascends the sponsorship ranks. For those counting High Speed Productions-specific scoring he put his landmark Atlas shop section on Thrasher’s website, put his “Cityscape” part on Slap and as a Bay Area representative has toiled away not just at SF spots but also in and around lesser-seen urban San Jose. Since he’s legally still an amateur he may not have the needed gravitas to command the hot SOTY spotlight, but if this dude does not have a pro board in the works by year’s end something is wrong and you can reasonably assume the galactic realignment is affecting the workflow on earth.

Ryan Decenzo comes off a little like a knuckle-dragging rail fighter in the Nyjah mode but with generally more thoughtful trick offerings, and this year has made some nominal Thrasher waves via his KOTR MVP turn and some choice photos here and there. Maybe not enough to win the big nod, but Jake Phelps has a well-publicized soft spot for Canadian burlies, and regardless it’s interesting to someone somewhere how the one on Darkstar at this point seems to have eclipsed the one on Plan B.

Cory Kennedy is our dark-horse pick, harboring a formidable head of steam in the way of sequences and the odd clip here and there over the last couple years, plus time logged in a King of the Road van and a prime year-end stage for deploying all his egregious footage bombs in the Girl/Choco video next month. The b/s tail kickflip b/s tail still haunts the mind. At this juncture Cory Kennedy’s a young pro with little but mind-boggling output on his resume, placing him in around the same chronological marker as Andrew Reynolds, Grant Taylor, Silas Baxter Neal or Brian Anderson when they won it, so he’s not too green.

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28 Responses to “Who Will Win The Great 2012 SOTY Race, Potentially The Final SOTY Determination For All Eternity, If The Ancient Mayans Are To Be Believed?”

  1. George Says:

    Very interesting dark horse pick. A little surprised you didn’t make an argument for Lucas Puig, who while not overly Thrasher-like has put out no shortage of killer clips this year. I’m guessing Daveeds getting it but I’m rooting for Alvarez.

    • dummbert Says:

      true, french mariano is a good mention, but maybe too euro even though he’s america’s favourite frog.

      how bout ishod? killing it all year as well…

      busenitz is probably out, right?

      • george Says:

        Lucas is so good, but too Euro I agree. Shame.
        Love Ishod, can’t really think of what he’s done this year though?
        Dennis is out. He’s like Gonz, best who never got it category. His Real pushing clip was bananas, I’m not convinced he hasn’t been the best street skater for the past what, 10 years?

      • dummbert Says:

        Why is there such thing like this “he good, but euro”-mentality? I never understood.
        I mean dudes like JB Gillet, Dani Lebron, Jesus Fernandez, Pontus, Flo Marfaing et cetera have been around forever and were always killing it.
        Jesus did fakie hardflip switch crooks in like 2000, JB was one of the finer “switch normal” artists, but they always fell off a little bit.
        Lucas as well, he’s unbelievably good, but in this case too euro, again.

        Couldn’t agree more on your Busenitz statement, he’s the dude that can easily pull off every trick, but prefers speed and simplicity.

  2. art hellman Says:

    Gilbert has tatted up and had the Transworld part(ish) and some footage in other stuff (i.e. Cellout)…not likely for this year, but making a case

    agreed that Puig should be a contender with all the Adidas clips released this year (was that Transworld Puig part this year or last year, or even older?)

    Also, for some reason, could see the torch being passed to Kenny Anderson. Not really hefty coverage, but seemed to always be around, lurking in the shadows…maybe he’ll get it for just being a nice guy

    • George Says:

      Forgot about Gilbert, excellent choice. I revoke my Puig for SOTY dark horse and am on the Crockett bandwagon, he’s much more suited for Thrasher.

      • art hellman Says:

        “His Real pushing clip was bananas, I’m not convinced he hasn’t been the best street skater for the past what, 10 years?”


  3. REID Says:

    busenitz soty, thrasher redemption?

  4. thecarbonite Says:

    If guy gets an interview in #themag to coincide with #prettysweet he might get a Susan Lucci “lifetime achievement” type SOTY

  5. Plat Says:

    Eh, the fix is in for David Gonzales because of that Thrasher video part. I’d love to be proven wrong, see some “busenitz soty, thrasher redemption?” type stuff, or VA in a Silas way, but, again, eh. It’ll be Grant Taylor engineered SOTY redux.

  6. djtwit Says:

    Good read
    Its never gonna happen, but Lucas killed it this year – put out tons of envelope-pushing footage, and all with a good natured and relaxed style. Mais oui

  7. paulmeadow Says:

    Said it last year. Saying it this year. Gilbert Crockett.

  8. Mistopher Walken Says:

    Busenitz won’t win but should.

    Someone I felt was missing: Mike Anderson

  9. Anonymous Says:

    In past years, there always seemed to be just a couple people who clearly were in their moment. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but I don’t see that happening for the people on this list, or in skateboarding in general in 2012. Except maybe for Suciu. Actually though, Mike Plum seems to be riding that crest a lot longer than I might have expected.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i’m not even a fan for the most part, but everyone seems to be forgetting austyn gillette’s super part that he’s about to come out with for habitat. side note, the dude is crazy skilled, but he’s been biting dylan so hard lately it’s hella embarrassing. someone needs to say something.

    • george Says:

      I’m not clear on how anyone can not be a fan of Austyn Gillete. Are you focusing on his outfits or his skating? Because the skating is fucking ridiculous.

      • art hellman Says:

        his skating is quite awesome. psyched to see his next part as well…

      • dummbert Says:

        always love his maloof footage, dude’s having so much fun gnar-dorking around the course and not giving a shit.
        his bs 180 ss 5050 the hard way are too wavy

  11. m477 Says:

    Would love for Vincent to get it but as a betting man my money’s on figgy or David.

  12. Joshua Ballew Says:

    Dennis, Lucas and Ishod would all be well deserved recipients this year. It’s crazy that some folks can win it twice and others not even be considered.

  13. Scotti Koskinen Says:

    In all honesty I think Jaws is a good contender. But second would probably be figgy for me.

  14. max Says:

    and what about Austyn Gillette? new part coming out in november,Quick video,and surely one of the most innovative riders,talking about speed

  15. Anonymous Says:

    After seeing the Thrasher clip in Portugal I’m saying fuck it give it to Grant again. I’m not seeing anyone else skate like that.

  16. J-wU Says:

    Busenitz or Puig, that’s it.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Chewy Cannon!

  18. bst Says:

    i’m not entirely kidding when i say, “vote for bobby!”
    but i’ll settle for busenitz or gilbert.

  19. dedleg (@dedleg) Says:

    Don’t really think it’s even going to be a contest. Thrasher’s been projecting Daveed for months.

    That said, I’m totally in camp Crockett.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    raven all the way

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