Does It Get (Measurably) Better Than This?

And if so, how. Here’s a different one though — is Joey Pepper the last of the “Ryde or Die Vol. 1” ryders to keep a skate career lit? Is Rob Welsh nowadays a fulltime guitar-slinger? Did John Igei hang it up after performing what has been duly recognized and/or realized as the best switch inward heelflip captured on film, over the Pier 7 block no less? Before planning your own pilgrimage to Pier 7, read some recent reviews here.

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5 Responses to “Does It Get (Measurably) Better Than This?”

  1. tomas Says:

    I’ve seen joey pepper doing a burly back tailslide, at a hollywood high ledge by in and out. HAULING ASS! His homie from NE was doing a s/s krooks. I did a s/s front nose and my homie did a k/f front nose. He sold us slightly used aesthetics boards for $5.

    That guy’s a gangster, glad he gets fame.

  2. dick walkin Says:

    Though that was a great sw inward heel, the one he does down the 4 stair and sidewalk was the best. Dat catch

  3. poztmane Says:

    John Igei is a member of the Chrome bags skateboard team, whatever that entails. I was in their store yesterday and there was a big picture of him on the wall

  4. dick walkin Says:


  5. t.a. Says:

    To answer the question, I’m going to say ‘no,’ and pose a question of my own: does it need to?

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