Couch Quarterbacking



Awash in “Pretty Sweet” rewatches here, stopping to wonder at Raven Tershy’s backside tailslide shove-it, the apparent re-embrace of Lego-man caps and the number of slams to tricks in this part putting it near Gino/”Hot Chocolate” levels. Also mulling whether or not the last two tricks landed in the proper sequence — ollie in is far gnarlier to me, what about to you all?

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20 Responses to “Couch Quarterbacking”

  1. george Says:

    The ollie in is indeed much heavier, agree. Also thought Olson had a few tricks more ender-worthy than his tailslide impossible. The losi grind (thats what it was right?) on the rail seems slept on, the lipslide over the knobs in NY (crazy), or the longways picnic table ollie.

  2. WarmUpZone Says:

    Legoman hat!

    Yeah, that ollie is way gnarlier.

  3. Icculus Says:

    Olson’s tailslide impossible out was full of style, which I thought made it acceptable as an ender.

  4. Plat Says:

    The ollie in is more balls out, but he’s horizontal on the ollie to pivot, butt below the board, so I’ll stick with the latter.

    • art hellman Says:

      agreed. at first glance the ollie may seem gnarlier…but any schralper with ‘balls’ may be able to perform said maneuver.

      the pivot requires a certain level of skill that the ordinary schralper would not have…so, I also vote for the pivot

      • art hellman Says:

        also, getting up to the pivot requires ridiculously more effort than allowing gravity to take you down

        not to detract from the ollie…

    • george Says:

      I’m not sure if you all skate vert at all (I assume no one does now), not trying to be jerky about it, but ollieing in not only much scarier than a pivot, but its a lot harder. So much more can go wrong. I’ve been grinding vert for years, would not ollie in from the deck for anything though. Just my take.

      • art hellman Says:

        I by no means skate vert, but I have mustered courage to roll in to transition on occassion(yes, not an ollie and yes, on much much much much much much smaller transition) but have yet to manage the pivot maneuver. so that was my perspective.

        another angle is that the ollie is BONKERS, but the pivot left me more perplexed, again, because of the speed required to get up there and the shotty plank of wood on the way there

      • Plat Says:

        I haven’t skated vert in years and when I occasionally dipped in, over a decade ago, I peaked with shaky rock fakies and backside slashers, so my perspective probably is skewed a bit. Perhaps Tershy had to work for the pivot more, or they gave it top billing because it was the movie poster. Either way, both are rad.

  5. intheknow Says:

    that was the first thing i said after his part was over. ollie in is insanely gnarlier.

  6. Chris Says:

    Yeah the ollie in is insane, the pivot seems like it would be possible to bail on, where the ollie is a one try or die type deal.

    Olson’s tailslide impossible was a sick ender, made me remember Dave Mayhews last trick in the storm.

  7. intheknow Says:

    the real discussion here is should he not have just skipped an ollie up that little curb to do the truckbash?

  8. pattycaaakes Says:

    thank you for mentioning dave mayhew and the storm.

  9. Says:

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