10. Joseph Delgado – “Bronze 56k”

The enigmatic Bronze cartel pieced together this year’s best-made video, a foggy hodgepodge of recycled late-night scheduling spots, deep dives into New York’s outlying boroughs and masterful drops such as the titular dial-up connection being achieved. Oodles of good skating amongst the Bronze squad generally but Joseph Delgado’s part was the anticipated payoff constantly lurking around the various corners of this shambling vid, able to handle a lot of difficult manuals with grace and like MJ skate with enough speed and control link together multiple tricks on the same ledge (without dancing like MJ). Joseph Delgado heaves a huge switch backside 5-0 up onto the big Flushing Meadows block and at the end rifles off a couple of the cooler looking tricks seen on the step-up recently; watch the whole “56k” video, spiced with Wolfenstein, AOL and Lil Ugly Mane, here.

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4 Responses to “10. Joseph Delgado – “Bronze 56k””

  1. george Says:

    Best video of the year for sure.

  2. ThornTon420 Says:

    i prefer his poisonous products part, but u know that already

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If you can get your hands on the actual dvd it has a few other great videos from those fellows.

  4. Familia Chepesent Says:

    Peru en la casa!

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