9. Fabian Alomar – “Free Fabes”

Whatever happened with the DGK video and the fortunes to be gained and lost peddling this generation’s version of the FUCT t-shirt line to rap singers and their suburban admirers, Stevie Williams cemented his position as a skate mogul by using his clout to help put out a video part that a certain segment of the populace had been waiting on for 15 years — a feat that apparently had eluded Kareem Campbell, Steve Rocco, Patrick O’Dell and possibly others. The continued fetishization of mid-90s attitudes and filming equipments can’t recreate the fit of the jeans or the sound of a k-grind across the Venice pit ledges, and Fabian Alomar’s nollie backside flip over the sand gap, the line at the white planters and the tricks off the bump at the end could have run in any of the greatest videos of that era. Tough luck that it took a personal tragedy for this footage to see the light of day, but it would be testing fate to overlook a gift pony internet sites such as this one have been requesting from Santa Claus for so long. DGK’s “Free Fabes” website is here.

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3 Responses to “9. Fabian Alomar – “Free Fabes””

  1. mo Says:

    get the fuck out of town! this is so awesome.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Big L, venice beach, menace tech… shit, this should be in the number 1 spot!

  3. tonecapone Says:

    really stoked to see most of this part.wasnt fabian sent down in 2001,about 6 months before street cinema came out.i know he had a 180 to fake nose grind on a rail in joey suriels part.on muckmouth a british blog thing lee smith really bashed the fact that menace having never putting out that planned video after the small trilogy part with video coming soon advert tagged on at the end,really killed off him having a solid foundation for his early pro career. as a solid 90,s skater myself who is still going strongish today its such a shame to think classic footage like this of fabian never being released.menace was huge in 1995 after the 20 shot part that blew them up.kareem drop the ball big time by never putting out full parts of any of his riders or a full menace video as he kept promising.

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