8. Stevie Williams – “Parental Advisory”


Stevie Williams to me never really exuded rap-star decadence, but maybe I’m looking at it all wrong — here he is, tapping spots across three continents for a relatively slim three-minute part, stopping through the old Philadelphia stomping grounds because he knows how a far a couple tossed-off tricks will carry. It seems like Stevie Williams isn’t regularly mentioned among the all-time style slayers, even though his old Chocolate commercial inevitably bubbles up in any meaningful discussion of the best lines ever done, but his first run through the Barcelona blocks here reminds of a gap when he’s not out skating. The fakie hardflip, white tees, waist-high switch frontside noseslides and switch heelflips remain in effect but he still seems to be making an effort when it comes to clips like the switch front blunt and the switch varial flip nosegrind revert (a new spin on one of the all-time Lockwood classics). He keeps his ledge combos Satva and Lucas tasteful and finds a couple angles on the MACBA ledges that I haven’t seen before. Between the show-closer status, heavy Jay-Z tune and his first full part in years Stevie Williams sorta has this section tracking towards a ‘moment’ but does himself a favor by not overextending it toward the five-minute/two-song zone, whether by judicious editing or lack of actual tricks filmed.

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7 Responses to “8. Stevie Williams – “Parental Advisory””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A little surprised this part made the best of list. Stevie’s great and all but there sure are a lot of really good parts this year, I don’t know man…

  2. Carlos de Andrade Says:

    you’re stupid anonymous. So Stevie’s “great” but a lot of parts of “really good.” Take your pick man, choose greatness.

  3. J-wU Says:

    I’d like to think a skate sauce section will be in this years top 10.

  4. Colonel Chi Says:

    The ender was interesting.. not sure what you would call that exactly

  5. boil the ocean fan Says:

    yo there wasnt enough camo pants for me…i used to like lil stevie and i always loved kalis as far as his skateboarding is concerned… however that video disappointed me…the kids that are into it will clearly be brainwashed into negative antisocial behavior because dgk seems to promote and glorify it using children as actors…it was actually disturbing and made me uncomfortable watching it…i lost all respect for those dudes…they could have had a positive inspirational message considering they both grew up in the “ghetto” right?..fuck that lame image and that company…i wont support it even if im in the market for a purple i love haters hat…rad blog though dude for real…if your bored peep my weak shit im trying to start…http://ruenone78.blogspot.com/

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