4. Justin Figueroa – “Bake and Destroy”

No morning-after phone call lamenting any fiscal “gifts” that a David Gonzalez SOTY administration would ensure for High-Speed Productions and no signs of bitterness that the golden statue skated out of his grasp, Justin Figueroa nevertheless brought heat and a prematurely grizzled countenance to some rather crazy tricks in this Thrasher-backed Baker offering, including but not limited to an elongated version of Jamie Thomas’ crooked-grind barge down multiple kinks 10 years ago. Prowling streets and sidewalks and seeming to be only half-thinking of the next move, Justin Figueroa gets over a lot thanks to his switch backside prowess, displayed down a triple set and the Wilshire rails during their final days, alongside his sometimes ill-advised commitment to scary tricks like the frontside feeble revert and the switchstance hill bomb following the frontside kickflip. Jousting with the big rails and gaps suits a guy like this, looking like some barbarian warrior launching himself onto the back of a charging wooly mammoth and not always expecting to stay on.

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4 Responses to “4. Justin Figueroa – “Bake and Destroy””

  1. Devo Says:

    Ill dfinitely be bummed if louie barletta doesnt make top 3

  2. Rocuronium Says:

    Jay Burton for #1 & #2 for being robbed last year for his redux of Cardiel’s Sight Unseen part.

  3. george Says:

    getting kind of late in the game here, and no Gilbert Crockett/Cellout or Alvarez or Gillette yet.

  4. djtwit Says:

    was surprisingly stoked on that Figgy section. lot more charisma than I’d expected

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