2. Vincent Alvarez – “Hard Times But Good Times”

Lines are some dudes’ friends and a natural enemy to others, meaning that during the space between tricks you get to see the subject navigate the board, push, potentially tug at his trousers or swivel his shoes to get set up for the coming gap, ledge, rail or come what may. Vincent Alvarez is one of those dudes where a healthy chunk of the appeal is absent without the swerve of his trucks, like in the run here that starts with the switch bluntslide, or the switchstance slalom between the cars. Vincent Alvarez skates fast and loose and sometimes like he’s flailing to hang on, and some of these tricks here like the switch frontside bigspin wallride and the hasty follow after the nollie flip into the bank are presented with all their rough edges intact, backed by a meandering jazz tune. A lot of this footage reportedly is drawn from the years around when he got onto Chocolate and filming with buddies afterwards, and to me what elevates this part is how you can see that this is a dude running his own roster of tricks, zooming around some well-traveled labyrinth of alleyways and ditches, facing down traffic and big hills. It is one of the shortest eight-minute parts ever.

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4 Responses to “2. Vincent Alvarez – “Hard Times But Good Times””

  1. george Says:

    Wouldn’t have been mad at this being #1, Vincent is fantastic to watch. This means either Gillette clip is #1 right? No way he can’t make the list somewhere.

  2. J_wU Says:

    Alvarez #pretty sweet section makes made me feel motion sickness and I have managed only one viewing. Thank goodness for skate sauce.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mark Suciu Cross Continental ftw

  4. intheknow Says:

    Yeah, this part is so much better than his PS part. What I really like is that he’s got a noticeably different switch and fakie style that is still extremely nice to watch. Loving the landing on the switch fs 360 in the alley.

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